Monday, January 27, 2014

iOS 7 SAM Unlock Activation Tickets Expiration Date

A lot of iPhone users have heard about SAM unlock which works for those who have activation tickets saved. Well, this tool was introduced a couple of years ago, yet it was quickly patched by Apple. Back in 2012, millions of iPhone ownersused SAM to unlock. They saved activation tickets back then.

If you also had a chance to save your activation tickets in 2012, you are now safe to use SAM unlock for iOS 7 and other firmware versions. The tool should work till 2015, at least. Here is what one well-known hacker said about Sam unlocking method.

As MuscleNerd noted back in April 2012, SAM activation tickets can be reused for three years. In other words, iPhone fans with tickets saved correctly can unlock different mobile operating systems on their smartphone for 3 years from the original date of saving them. Check on your date and you will know when your tickets expire.

The tool can be now used for free. You should meet particular requirements to use. Note that in case it doesn’t work for you, don’t become upset. There are other services that allow successful iPhone unlocking on any mobile operating system. SAM is good for trying if your activation tickets are saved.

SAM stands for [subscriber artificial module]. It was introduced by Loktar Sun. The method has its pros and cons.


* Your iPhone must be jailbroken to use it. Luckily, there are jailbreaking solutions for all iOS 6 and iOS 7 firmware versions [up to iOS 7.0.4]. We are talking about Evasi0n, Evasi0n7 and p0sixspwn tools.
* SAM supports one SIM at a time. If you wish to switch your carrier you will have to repeat unlock once again for the new SIM.
* Saved activation tickets are a must-have


* The unlock is free
* Right now SAM works for all iOS 6 and iOS 7 versions up to 7.0.4

How to Use SAM for iPhone Unlock

You should know your carrier name. If you are not sure what mobile operation your iPhone is locked to you can use IMEI checker or carrier checker services.

Method 1

Go to Cydia – Manage – Sources and add as your Sources. Find SAM through Search, download and install it. You need to “play” with Lockdown files through

Make sure you reboot the handset using iBooty or Redsn0w app. Start SAM selecting Enable Reboot and the device should get the signal bar.

Method 2

Find Cookie, Cydia tweak, and install it. The program will appear on your Home screen. Launch it from there and insert the SIM card not native to your device. You should see Restore Activation option available. Press on it and choose Restore. There should be a signal in a couple of moments.

P.S. A lot of users with Activation tickets saved can’t unlock with SAM nowadays. There are many lucky people as well, so try this method and choose an alternative in case it fails.


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