Friday, October 28, 2016

How To Quickly Queue Songs In The Music App In iOS 9

If you are music fan we will show you how to quickly queue songs in the Music app in iOS 9. It you frequently listen to your favorite tunes then you probably use the Music app’s Up Next feature to queue songs to play after the current song completes playing. A new free Cydia tweak dubbed as ArtworkUpNext aims to build off of this feature by making it more quickly and easier for you to queue a song to play Up Next from the Music app.

How To Queue Songs In The Music App On iOS 9 iPhone 

On your jailbroken iOS 9 device head to Cydia and download ArtworkUpNext tweak. After you install it, you will be able to click on the album artwork to the left of a song’s name and description while you’re looking at the list of your music. This will queue it to play next after any media that might already be playing.
On the screenshot below you can see how to invoke the tweak’s functionality:

As of the most recent update to the tweak, it will work in both the Library view and Playlists tabs in the Music app, so no matter which you prefer to use, this tweak will fulfil your needs.

Since this tweak will have no effect on third-party music apps like Spotify, Pandora, and others, you shouldn’t expect to use it if you use any app besides Apple’s Music app to listen to your music.

The tweak is easy in use as there are no options you have to configure in ArtworkUpNext settings, so once you install it, you can start to use it immediately.

I think for music fans ArtworkUpNext jailbreak tweak is a real windfall as it helps to quickly queues songs in the Music app in iOS 9 and enjoy your favorite tunes.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

How To Hide The Controls In The iOS 9 Video Player When Tap Play

Do you want to hide the controls in the iOS 9 video player when tap Play then you should check new Cydia tweak called PlayDismiss. For those who often watch videos on their jailbroken devices this tweak improves the experience of playing videos on the platform by reducing clutter as quickly as possible when you play a video.

What PlayDismiss tweak is going to do is to hide all the video controls the very moment you tap on the Play button whenever you’re using Apple’s video player to watch any video. This consists of that blurred interface that appears at the top and bottom of the screen with the scrubber, forward and back buttons, and full-screen toggle button.

The tweak affects not only videos you’ve got stored in your device’s Videos app, but also those you might be streaming online via Safari.

How To Hide The Controls In The iOS 9 Video Player

Before you install PlayDismiss, you’ll see how the video controls remain on the screen for several seconds after tapping on the play button:

For many users, this is really annoying as the controls end up cutting into your viewing area, leaving you unable to see the upper and lower-most edges of the video until the interface auto-dismisses itself. You could tap on the full-screen button at the bottom right manually, but this is something that really should be automatic.

So in order to hide the controls in the iOS 9 video player when tap Play head to Cydia and download PlayDismiss tweak for free of cost. Once installed the video controls are dismissed immediately after you tap play, providing you with instant full-screen action:

Note that the tweak doesn’t work in videos that don’t use Apple’s video player, so some third-party apps from the App Store may not be compatible.

PlayDismiss is a great tweak that helps you to enjoy watching the video without annoying controls on your jailbroken iOS 9 device.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How To Download And Install iOS 10.1 On iPhone

After more than a month since official iOS 10 release Apple has launch the first major software update for the mobile platform and here is how you can download and install iOS 10.1 on your iPhone. After being available to developers and public beta testers for the past few weeks, iOS 10.1 is now available to users on compatible iOS devices. Unlike last week's iOS 10.0.3 release, iOS 10.1 is available for every device that runs iOS 10: the iPhone 5 and newer, the fourth-generation iPad and newer, the iPad Mini 2 and newer, both iPad Pros, and the sixth-generation iPod Touch. The build number, 14B72 on older iDevices and 14B72c on the 7 and 7 Plus, is identical to the beta build that was launched last week.

Developers and public beta testers on iOS 10.1 build 14B72c will be glad to know that they are already running this general public release and any further update won’t be necessary.

iOS 10.1 introduces a new "Portrait" mode, designed to take advantage of the two cameras included in the iPhone 7 Plus, that was released back in September. Portrait mode utilizes the wide-angle and telephoto lenses in the iPhone 7 Plus to create shallow depth of field portrait photos with blurred backgrounds. This recent update also brought transit directions for Japan, stability improvements and many bug fixes.

How To Install iOS 10.1 On iPhone

To update to iOS 10.1, on your compatible iDevice navigate to Software Update in Settings. Then connect the device to a power source and click on Install Now. Firstly, the OS must download the OTA file in order to begin setup. After the download has finished, the device will then start the update process and eventually reboot into iOS 10.1.

It can happen for some reasons ( mainly not enough space on device for new update, etc.) that you would have troubles with installing the update via OTA mechanism. In such cases you can download and install iOS 10.1 on iPhone using direct download links and update you device manually. You can use the guide on how to install iOS 10 release as the procedure in the same.


iOS 10.1 (iPhone 5 GSM): iPhone_4.0_32bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPhone 5 GSM+CDMA): iPhone_4.0_32bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPhone 5s GSM+CDMA): iPhone_4.0_64bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPhone 5c GSM+CDMA): iPhone_4.0_32bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPhone 6 Plus): iPhone_5.5_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPhone 6s Plus): iPhone_5.5_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPhone 7 Plus): iPhone_7Plus_10.1_14B72c_Restore.ipsw


iOS 10.1 (iPad 4 Wi-Fi): iPad_32bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad 4 GSM_CDMA): iPad_32bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Air Wi-Fi): iPad_64bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Air Cellular): iPad_64bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi): iPad_64bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (1.0 (iPad Mini 2 Cellular): iPad_64bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Air China): iPad_64bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Mini 2 China): iPad_64bit_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Mini 3 Cellular): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Mini 3 China): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Air 2 Cellular): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Mini 4 Cellular): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Pro Wi-Fi): iPadPro_12.9_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Pro Cellular): iPadPro_12.9_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Pro 9.7 Wi-Fi): iPadPro_9.7_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.1 (iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular): iPadPro_9.7_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw

 iPod touch

iOS 10.1 (iPod touch 6G): iPodtouch_10.1_14B72_Restore.ipsw

Monday, October 24, 2016

How To Enable Apple’s Hidden One-Handed Keyboard In iOS 9

With the new jailbreak tweak called OneHanded you can enable Apple’s hidden one-handed keyboard on iOS 9 iPhone. This keyboard includes the extra text editing buttons in the keyboard itself and it’s designed to work on iPhones with larger displays. Steve Troughton-Smith, well known iOS developer and hacker, was the first who has discovered a hidden one-handed mode keyboard in iOS. Notably, the keyboard has been there since iOS 8 but never enabled by Apple. This incredible feature can only be activated using the simulator in XCode, but users with jailbroken devices can invoked it with OneHanded tweak installed. 

So if you want to enable Apple’s hidden one-handed keyboard on your iOS 9 iPhone before public release read the review below.

How To Enable Hidden One-Handed Keyboard On iOS 9 iPhone

To download OneHanded tweak on your jailbroken iPhone, head to Cydia where it’s available as a free package. The tweak comes with no options for configurations, but remember that you can only use it on iPhones with 4.7 or 5.5-inch displays. If you try to use it on smaller iPhones it will cause a crash.

So whether you have an iPhone with a 4.7 or 5.5-inch display, OneHanded tweak allows you to swipe left or right on the keyboard itself to shrink the keys down to size. Depending on the direction you swipe, the text editing buttons appear on the opposing side. The editing features on the keyboard include dedicated select, cut, paste, and undo buttons among other things. To go back to the original keyboard, swipe in from the side that is opposite to the text editing shortcuts. 

So if you have some troubles typing on jailbroken iOS 9 device with larger display without using two hands, OneHanded tweak will quickly enable Apple’s hidden one-handed keyboard to help you.

Friday, October 21, 2016

How To Replace The Carrier Name In Status Bar With The Date In iOS 9

Do you want to replace the carrier name in Status Bar with the date in iOS 9? You can do it with new Cydia tweak dubbed as CarDate. This great jailbreak tweak allows you to flexibly utilize space for carrier name in the Status Bar with the current date instead. What is more, it is even possible to customize and configure any date format you want. You can include or exclude the year or day of the week, use dashes, periods, or slashes; basically whatever you want.

Here is the short review on how to setup the tweak and use it.

How To Hide Carrier Name On iOS 9 iPhone

In order to replace the carrier name in Status Bar with the date in iOS 9 head to Cydia and download CarDate tweak for free. The tweak works with all jailbroken iOS 9 iPhones and cellular-enabled iPads as well.

Once installed, to start configuring the date formatting you want to use head over to Settings CarDate Advanced Options:

Here, you’ll find a text field where you can enter the date formatting you want.

To format the date, you will need to know the following symbols:

y = year
d = day
M = month
E = day of week

Remember don't put a lowercase “m,” because this will display the minutes of the time instead of the month. If you want to show the day of the week too, then you can use the E symbol. For example:

EEEE, MMM d, yyyy = Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016

Or, you can display the month and the year with the following format:

MMMM yyyy = October 2016

If you need more info on date-based formatting, the developer has an instructional web page you can look at as a cheat sheet.

It should be mentioned that CarDate only works on devices with active cellular signals and SIM cards, so if you try to use the tweak on a device with the “No Service” or “No SIM” indicator, the date won't be displayed in Status bar.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

How To Download And Install iOS 10.0.3 On iPhone 7

Here is how you can download and install iOS 10.0.3 on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Apple on Monday has pushed the third minor software update to major iOS 10 release specifically for the latest iPhones. This update came nearly one month after releasing iOS 10.0.2 and a month and a half after providing the new iOS 10 operating system to the public eye. 

According to release notes iOS 10.0.3 update includes a fix for a bug that could cause issues with cellular connectivity, a problem that only affected the new iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Shortly after the iPhone 7 was released, a number of Verizon users began suffering a serious issue that caused them to regularly lose LTE connectivity on their new device. It was later discovered that the issue affected iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices associated with other carriers as well, and it should now be fixed for all users.

The guide below will help you download and install 10.0.3 on your compatible iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus right away.

How To Install iOS 10.0.3 On iPhone

If you have limited space on your device or software update isn't working for whatever reason, you can update using iTunes.

In order to download and install iOS 10.0.3 on iPhone 7 make sure you have a recent iTunes backup. Make it encrypted so all your password and other private data is preserved.

Step 1: Download iOS 10.0.3 IPSW file tailored for your device: 

iOS 10.0.3 (iPhone 7): iPhone9,1_10.0.3_14A551_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.3 (iPhone 7 Plus): iPhone9,2_10.0.3_14A551_Restore.ipsw

Step 2: Disable Find My iPhone on the device.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your PC via the Lightning/USB cable.

Step 4: Now launch iTunes and select your device.

Step 5: Next, if you are a Mac user, you need to hold the Alt key, for Windows users this will be the Shift key, and then click on the Restore iPhone… button. iTunes will now prompt you to select the IPSW firmware file. Select the 10.0.3 firmware file you downloaded in the step 1.

Step 6: Now wait for iTunes to installs iOS 10.0.3 on your iPhone. Once installed, your device will reboot automatically and you'll see Hello screen of iOS 10.0.3. That's it. Great job.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How Set Entire Music Playlists As Alarm Sounds On iOS 9 iPhone

Although it was always possible to set music as the alarm sound for the alarms you wake up to every morning, but with new Cydia release known as PlaylistAlarm you would be able to set entire music playlists as alarm sounds on iOS 9 iPhone. You can use this tweak to ensure you’ll be listening to a new song every time your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning.

How Set Music Playlists As Alarm Sounds In iOS 9

PlaylistAlarm tweak can be downloaded for free on your jailbroken device from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and currently works only on iOS 8 devices. The developer behind the tweak ensures that iOS 9 support is coming very soon. Once the PlaylistAlarm tweak is installed it would add a new cell entitled “Playlist” under Clock > Alarm, allowing you to pick any playlist from your Music app to play as an alarm when it’s time to get up:

You can even set the playlist to shuffle play every time the alarm goes off, which ensures you’ll hear a different song every time the alarm sounds. This is a nice change over having to set a static song that you’re going to hear every time the alarm goes off.

If you use any of your iOS devices as alarm clocks and have a colorful music library, with tweak you can set entire music playlists as alarm sounds on iOS 9 iPhone and wake up with new song every morning.

For the heavy sleepers that have troubles waking up to the same song every morning, PlaylistAlarm can play an entire music playlist when it’s time to get up.

PlaylistAlarm works with the stock Music app, so you can’t use this tweak with third-party music apps such as Spotify or Pandora, keep that in mind.

Monday, October 17, 2016

TextCounter Counts How Many Texts You’Ve Sent In The Messages App

New Cydia release called TextCounter helps you to count how many texts you’ve sent in the Messages app. There are few other jailbreak tweak that offer such functionality, but TextCounter differs from them that it displays more detailed information.

How To Count How Many Texts You’Ve Sent/Receive In The Messages App In iOS 9

If you want to see how TextCounter works, download it on your jailbroken device from Cydia for just $0.99. The tweak doesn't show how many of your messages are iMessages and how many are text messages separately as it counts both SMS and iMessages in total sum. 

Once it is installed, the information will be shown right inside of a conversation in your Messages app when you launch the Details menu:

The tweak counts and displays the total, sent, and received messages for you. A tab above the table of information even allows you to filter between an “overall” amount and a “monthly” amount. The monthly amount allows you to see how many texts you’ve sent and received in the last month.

It is also possible to see a general overview of sent and received messages for all of your conversations on the navigation bar while you’re looking at all of your conversations in the Messages app:

Just to make things clear “O” shows the overall messages amount; and an “M” displays monthly messages amount. Look at the screenshot above, you can see three numbers next to overall messages amount or monthly messages amount. These numbers are separated by vertical lines and are shown in the following format: “Total | Sent | Received.”

Of course to count how many texts you’ve sent in the Messages app can be real challenge but with TextCounter tweak it would be as easy as it is. So if you have jailbroken iOS 9 iPhone you can get this statistic today.

Friday, October 14, 2016

How To Disable Most Swipe Gestures On The Lock Screen On iOS 9 iPhone

If you have jailbroken device you can disable most swipe gestures on the Lock screen in iOS 9 such as opening Control Center or Notification Center and even using the camera grabber to quickly take a picture. While some users like these little shortcuts, not other don't want them there all the time. New free Cydia release called NoLockGestures allows you to easily disable all the above-mentioned swipe gestures on demand.

Apple made it possible to disable Control Center or Notification Center on the Lock screen in iOS individually without this tweak and it even hides the grabbers from view, but there’s no official way of disabling the camera grabber.

How To Disable Most Swipe Gestures On The Lock Screen In iOS 9

So if you ever wanted to disable everything for a short period of time and then re-enable it again later, there are so many preferences you use in the Settings app to make it happen, it can be a really cumbersome process. NoLockGestures tweak offers user convenient way to toggle on or off all of the Lock screen shortcut gestures all at once on demand with a single toggle found tweak's preference pane.

The tweak can be useful in situation when you believe someone else is going to be handling your device and you don’t want them accessing the camera, Control Center, or Notification Center from the Lock screen. It makes it super easy to toggle back off when you are in full control of your device again.

When you toggle the tweak on or off, the results are immediate, so you don't need to respring your device after every settings change.

It’s worth noting the tweak doesn’t disable the slide to unlock gesture, so you can still swipe to the left to get to your passcode interface if you ever have to.

So if you have jailbroken iPhone running iOS 8 or 9 and you want to disable most swipe gestures on the Lock screen in iOS 9 head to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and download NoLockGestures tweak for free of charge.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

How To Hide The Floating Scroll Down Button In The Reddit App

If you are happy with your jailbroken device you can easily hide the floating scroll down button in the Reddit app on iOS 9 iPhone with the new jailbreak tweak. Known as HideRedditDownButton this recent Cydia release disables the double-arrow scroll down button in the official Reddit app for iOS.

Some users like this button as it allows them to scroll down little by little with a tap. Others find it useless as with a touch screen they can just scroll down with a finger.

Many Reddit users complain that the button hovers over the app interface, so no matter what, it’s always there. You can tap and drag to move the button around, but even when you move it around, it’s still going to be on top of something in the app. For some folks it can be really annoying.

How To Hide The Floating Scroll Down Button In The Reddit App


As there are no official way to hide this button from view, it’s a disturbance for some users who don’t like having clutter they don’t use always floating around in their user interface and it is possible to get rid of it with the of jailbreaking.

So to hide the floating scroll down button in the Reddit app on iOS 9 iPhone on your jailbroken device head to Cydia and grab HideRedditDownButton this tweak. The tweak is available as a free download package. This jailbreak tweak works on iOS 9 devices and the official Reddit app for iOS, that can be download for free from the App Store.

Once done with installation, you will notice that the tweak will immediately hide the button. So from that time you can simply use your finger to scroll up or down to read comments in a Reddit thread.

As you see if you have jailbroken device with the help of various jailbreak tweaks you can hide unnecessary things, add some additional functionality not only to stock apps but to third-party apps as well.