Monday, July 28, 2014

iOS 8 vs. iOS 7 Jailbreak: Activation Lock, Boot Logo, Baseband

Since iOS 8 hasn’t gone public yet and developers continue testing its betas seeded by Apple, it is hard to say what iOS 8 baseband your iPhone or iPad will get after you install this firmware in the fall when it is officially released by the Cupertino-based tech company. It is also hard to say when the exact iOS 8 jailbreak release date is. Still there are some answers to the questions already.

Firstly, let’s speak about the jailbreak release. The Evad3rs might not be the first team to present the new iOS 8 jailbreaking launch as there is a new team of hackers from China who presented an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x devices while other hackers are known to be working on the next firmware exploits and don’t want to waste their discoveries right now. Secondly, there is still now iOS 8 activation bypass as once again, this firmware hasn’t become public and official yet.

Checkout iOS 8 vs. iOS 7 Jailbreak Report

It took the Evad3rs a couple of months to create the first iOS 7 jailbreak last year. When Apple only launched this firmware, hackers found out the company killed all their exploits so they had to search for the new holes and possibilities in jailbreaking this operating system update.

Just like it happened with late iOS 6 firmware versions, Apple patched the exploits used in Evasi0n7 tool beginning with iOS 7.1 making it impossible to jailbreak iOS 7.1 and 7.1.x smartphones and tablets for another several months.

With iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1, 7.1.2 releases we’ve heard hackers were able to use iOS 7 jailbreak for their personal gadgets but they didn’t hurry to make their exploits support the public jailbreak saying that they are preserving exploits for iOS 8 baseband jailbreak. Then the team of Chinese hackers unexpectedly launched their iOS 7.1 and 7.1.x jailbreak called Pangu capable of performing this task. They were rumored to use the exploits found and kept by famous hackers and some people in jailbreaking community said they just wasted the holes since Apple would patch them before it updates its mobile operating system.

iOS 8 Supported Devices

Unlike iOS 7, the new iOS 8 will stop supporting iPhone 4. Now only users with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5S, 5c and later versions will be able to update to iOS 8.

iOS 8 Activation Lock Requiring iCloud Account

The new security option introduced with Find My iPhone and Activation Lock in iOS 7 will continue in iOS 8 so get ready to receive iOS 8 activation error if you are going to buy a used iPhone or iPad with this operating system and credentials of the previous owner.

The companies that now offer bypass for iOS 7 activation error will most likely offer the similar service for iOS 8 activation problems.

How to Change iOS 8 Boot Logo

Once you jailbreak your new iOS 8 operating system version [and a lot of people will surely do this if hackers release the untethered jailbreak soon after the official firmware upgrade] you might like to change iOS 8 boot logo and there will surely be ways how to do so.

Just keep an eye on the official Apple news to remember update to iOS 8, jailbreak this version, get past possible Activation error, update your boot logo and use different hacks that will make your iDevice much better and easier to use.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Apple Expected to Launch iOS 8 Beta 5 on August 15

Developers who have recently got the new iOS 8 beta 4 for testing are already looking for iOS 8 beta 5 and 6 to be launched. There are some predictions on these two betas launch.

As some experts believe, iOS 8 beta 5 release might happen on August 4 with the sixth beta following on August 15. Devs and some users who managed to install this firmware without the registered UDID number can see what’s new.

The Cupertino-based company usually presents 6-7 versions of its betas for testing with the final GM followed by the official public update. This year we have seen the first four testing versions of iOS 8. Apple revealed it in the beginning of June.

Now as August arrives, the company is believed to offer iOS 8 beta 5 launch in the begging of this next month of the summer. As always, it might take the firm longer to provide the upgrade or the whole thing might happen faster. It is always necessary to look at such presentations with a grain of salt.

For example, the fourth beta was expected to arrive on July 21 or 28, and it was really launched earlier this week. You will be able to use iOS 8 beta 5 download links as soon as this operating system becomes available for registered developers.

Will the next upgrade offer some changes or minor bug fixes only? We’ll know this pretty soon, and everyone who wishes to see all the benefits of iOS 8 should wait till the system is presented to public in September 2014.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Apple Updates iOS 8 to Beta 4 [Direct Links]

While some experts believed that Apple would postpone its iOS 8 beta 4 release, the company presented the upgrade in time on July 22. You can use iOS 8 beta 4 download links to get this firmware if you are a registered developered. We’ll offer them below.

Some users can also try to update to iOS 8 beta 4 without UDID. It can be possible through iTunes update, but this is risky since the new beta has a lot of bugs and is meant for testing to improve its functionality before iOS 8 goes public.

So if you have an account with Apple Dev Center you can select one of these iOS 8 beta 4 links and upgrade to find out all the changes, improvements and problems of the latest operating system launch.

iOS 8 Beta 4 Direct Links

The firmware supports different iDevices. Choose yours from the list below and enjoy the new released OS.
To install iOS 8 beta 4 you need to download the firmware for your model. We believed your iOS 8 beta 4 upgrade will go smooth and fast. You can also use OTA-upgrade if you wish.

Enjoy the update!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

iPhone 5S Best Selling Smartphone in 2014

Some customers like to compare gadgets, for example, the iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S5. Apple and Samsung compete a lot still the Cupertino-based giant still offers only the expensive line of smartphones with colorful iPhone 5c being rumors to fail to succeed as much as Apple hoped for. At the same time, the company’s iPhone 5S is the top seller in 2014 just like the previous models were the top sellers in the past.

One research company [Counterpoint Technology Research] has created a list of handsets from all over the world back in May showing only the best-selling smartphones. The list is topped by the “fruit” 5S model which is not surprising at all.

While the iPhone 5S is the best selling smartphone in 2014, it is followed by the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4. The top 10 also includes the iPhone 4S, 5c, Galaxy Note III and Xiaomi Mi3 along with other devices from these three brands.

It is interesting to see the Chinese Xiaomi firm in line with Samsung and Apple. This is a big jump for this smartphone maker. Still experts believe that Apple and Samsung will stay on the top of the list this year for sure with iPhone 6 jumping in line once it is officially launched in September 2014.

A lot of users don’t buy iPhone 5S now as they wish to get the next-gen iPhone 6. Remember about the fast and affordable iPhone 6 unlock service as it will be popular across the world this fall when users buy their smartphones locked to carriers and unlock it at once using this permanent service. It is safe as it doesn’t void your warranty and it makes you unlocked forever with updates, syncing and upgrading.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

iOS 7 Update Enjoyed by 90% of iDevice Users

The most recent public version of Apple mobile firmware is iOS 7.1.2 released in the beginning of July. At the same time the company is testing its next iOS 8 with developers being seeded beta 3 and expecting to see iOS 8 beta 4 launch on July 21 or 28.

iOS 7 update brought a lot of new features. It is understood why about 90 percent of all iOS devices are now running this mobile operating system. This version was officially launched less than a year ago and this high rate of gadgets carrying it looks incredible for Apple. By the way, numbers were revealed by the Cupertino-based giant.

The company says that about 9 percent of its smartphones and tablets are still using iOS 6 and about 1-2 percent are using older versions of this firmware.

iOS 7 download popularity means that every 9 in 10 handsets and iPads have been updated to support this firmware. Users who choose to order iOS 7 unlock service and become free from their carrier and people who prefer to use iOS 7 jailbreak in order to install third-party apps, tweaks and hacks get more from their iDevices than others.

Being jailbroken and unlocked these days means getting fresh air for breathing as you are able to switch SIM cards, save on roaming charges, install tweaks to customize your iPhone, iPod or iPad and perform various tricks to enjoy your “fruit” experience to the fullest.

While so many customers are running iOS 7, millions of Apple fans are keeping an eye on the next iOS 8 which should make even better this mobile firmware. A lot of users are going to purchase the next generation iPhone 6 which will come with iOS 8 pre-installed on it.

What version are you using now? Are you satisfied with it or not?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Three UK Free 0800 Numbers and iPhone Unlock

Three UK carrier has changed its rules for customers with SIM-only data plans. Even if you haven’t ordered unlock for Three iPhone 5 UK or any other model you can call 0800 numbers at no-cost now while you are in the UK.

The news comes directly from Three and anyone who is locked to this operator or uses its SIM cards can take the advantage of the service. Not all 08- numbers are free to call. Right now the no-cost Three UK 0800 numbers include only 0800 phone numbers while other services such as 087, 084 and similar are not free to call. iPhone users will have to pay 5p for one minute after dialing the number.

The company is trying to improve its services and help customers save some money on conversations. This is great when carriers are lowing down their pricing, especially if you are already unlocked. This way you are able to select which SIM to insert right now in order to save more and which one to use later on.

To unlock Three iPhone UK [any model, any baseband and any iOS version], you have to only provide your IMEI code and wait until the company completes your order and confirms you are permanently unlocked. This official Three UK iPhone 5 / 5S / 5c / 4S unlocking is fast to get and safe to perform. It has nothing to do with software or hardware unlocks used in the past.

The companies that offer factory IMEI unlock for iPhone 3 Three UK, O2, Orange work directly with mobile operators and can easily unlock your device. This information is saved on Apple servers and after you connect to the iTunes with a non-supported SIM card, iTunes will connect to the server and see that you are unlocked completing the procedure.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

iOS 8 Beta 4 Release Date Rumor

Most iOS firmware versions often have about 6-7 betas tested by developers before Apple makes the new update public. This year all registered devs who are interested in testing the company’s operating system for their apps and games are working with iOS 8. Some ordinary users have also dared to install this update without an UDID and registered developer’s account.

iOS 8 beta 4 download is rumored to be available on July 28. So far the iOS giant has released three beta versions of this operating system. Some people believed this fourth beta to appear earlier than the end of July. Devs really hope to see it by July 21 but the new rumors [this news comes from Apple source] suggests a different iOS 8 beta 4 release date.

If this rumors turns out to be truthful, we will be able to get iOS 8 beta 4 update on Monday, July 28. This will give Apple another month and a half to release other betas and the Golden version before the new operating system is presented to users in the middle of September.

Of course, the new beta might be launched earlier. We might even see it next Monday, July 21 as earlier rumors suggested. Still if this doesn’t happen, you will remember about the possible obstacles that could push the launch forware by 1 week.

It took the company about two weeks to update its first beta to beta 2 while the third release followed only 3 weeks after the second beta launched. Devs with compatible iDevices will definitely see this upgrade, sooner or later.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Jay Freeman aka Saurik Shares Thoughts on “Competition vs. Community”

Cydia Saurik repo is the most popular among jailbreak iOS device users. Jay Freeman is a well known developer and hacker whose creations are loved and used worldwide. Recently Cydia creator Saurik published a long 5600+ words essay on his blog. It will take a while to read everything but you can get the full article here or enjoy the most important phrases below.

Saurik Cydia news is also related to the iMods jailbreak store that should become the first Cydia alternative. Besides, he talks about Cydia competitors, his motivations, business and other topics.

According to Saurik, different people announced different projects that were supposed to compete with Cydia, however such projects were never released. He says that such announced stores disappeared too fast, soon after being promised.

The hacker also assures that his Cydia business is not the “best business in the world” as it is more the project for community that brings its creator some profits. This jailbreak app store actually “legitimizes” the whole process of iOS jailbreak.

Saurik is motivated by freedom, pride, obligation and other things. Of course, money also play the role in this developer’s life, however this is the “base amount” that doesn’t belong to the list of motivations created by Freeman.

The Cydia store dev spends much time at different conferences. You can learn more about his programs after you jailbreak iOS 7.x smartphone or tablet. There are a lot of great hacks and tweaks for your iDevice that exist thanks to Saurik.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What Users Wished to See in iOS 8 and What They See Now

Whenever Apple is going to present a major update for its iPhone / iPad firmware, users make their personal wish-lists to later compare iOS 8 features available with their desires. Let’s take a look at what the iPhone maker offers us this summer. It still has time to add some extras to its operating system which is believed to be launched in September.

iOS 8 Features: Wishes vs. Reality

Before Apple unveiled its beta versions of the new iOS 8, people read different options from experts what to see in the firmware update and can now compare how many of the wishes have come true.

The new iOS 8 options include interactive notifications which wasn’t available in the previous version. A lot of users hoped to get this improvement. Besides, Apple has just offered in iOS 8 beta iTunes Extras for HD movies with more behind-the-scenes images, comments etc. This long-expected option has appeared in iTunes 11.3 update for Windows and Mac.

Users who hoped to see an option that allows printing to PDF and getting a new Comics mode in the iBooks app along with iTunes for iCloud are not happy as all these wishes are still just desires.

It is not possible to customize your Control Center yet. Some features have hints for them. For example, Apple offers the new low cell signal option, permissions in Settings, improved unified AirDrop and a lot of other great things to enjoy.

What options would you like to still see in the iOS 8 update? You might have your personal desires of what lacks in the current iOS 7 and several betas of the future iOS 8. If you wish to test this firmware you can risk installing it without a dev account using iTunes program.

Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Boost iPhone Battery Life on iOS 7.1.2

Some people who were quick to install iOS 7.1.2 update offered by Apple in July now have problems with their iPhone battery. It is possible to boost its life if you know how to do this. This upgrade has surely fixed some previous battery issues with iOS 7.1.1 but it brought another bug – battery life which needs improvement.

iOS 7.1.2 battery problems fix has been offered by internet professionals. This is fast and won’t take much of your time. It works for most users who got the iOS 7.1.2 update and charge iPhone often.

Boost Your iPhone Battery on iOS 7.1.2 [Instruction]

You need to adjust your settings on the new firware version.

Step 1. Go to Setting app. This is the beginning as this is where the reset can be done from.

Step 2. Choose General menu and do down till you see Reset option.

Step 3. You have to click on Reset All Settings feature.

Step 4. Sometimes you are asked to enter the password. Do so if your iOS 7.1.2 iPhone asks for it.

If this doesn’t help as much as you wished, you can simply power off the handset and turn it back on. Maybe your battery life will get some boost.

It is perported that iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak is possible with Pangu Chinese program released earlier for iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1. This is the only way to jailbreak the latest public operating system for the ‘fruit’ handsets.

Some users who have installed iOS 7.1.2 faced the problem with their smartphone being frozen in the middle. Users reported that a hard reset helped them to pass this issue and complete the update.