Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How To Display Album Artwork Illustrations In Spotify’s Playlist View In iOS 9

With the a new free Cydia release dubbed as Spotty you can force Spotify app to display album artwork illustrations in Spotify’s playlist view in iOS 9. Usually this app doesn’t show album artwork illustrations beside your songs in playlist view. Spotty tweak fixes it and additionally helps to make it a lot more uncomplicated popularity of tune at a look.

How To Display Album Artwork Illustrations In Spotify’s Playlist View

For many users the Spotify playlist view looks like text list and it can be a real challenge to find the music you’re looking for. Once the Spotty is installed on your jailbroken device the album artwork should appear beside the songs in playlist view, you’ll notice how much quicker you’ll recognize the songs you want to listen to from the list.

This makes music changing a lot easier while walking around or multitasking as there in need to take away from your concentration taken what you’re already doing. 

So in order to get the ability to display album artwork illustrations in Spotify’s playlist view in iOS 9 you should go to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and download Spotty tweak absolutely for free. Spotty supports all jailbroken iOS 9 devices and works with the latest version (6.8.0) of the free Spotify app that can be downloaded from the App Store. Additionally, the tweak doesn't have a configuration pane, in order that adjustments are spotted right away after set up.

As for me with the album artwork being shown the Spotify app looks a whole lot better. But it all comes down to taste and preference. What is more the tweak's caching functionality that is built right into it the album artwork for your songs continue to display even when you go offline. This really great as you don’t actually need to have a direct internet connection to enjoy your visuals of course if they’ve been already downloaded and stored.

Monday, December 5, 2016

New Cydia Tweak Keeps A Subtle Hint For Passcode On iOS 9 Lock Screen

New jailbreak tweak called SmallHint keeps a subtle hint for passcode on iOS 9 Lock screen. If you frequently forget your passcode on iPhone or iPad you will find this tweak really useful as it allows you to put an inconspicuous hint on your Lock screen, just below the date, that can help jog your memory in the event that you forget your passcode.

How To Put An Inconspicuous Hint On Lock screen To Remember Passcode

Except simple 4 or 6-digit passcode, iOS allows you to have significantly longer passcodes or even alphanumeric passwords to unlock your iOS device. So sometimes it can be real challenge to remember it. So to simplify this task you need to head to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and download SmallHint tweak for free. Once it is installed on your jailbroken iOS 9 device, you can visit the SmallHint preferences pane in the Settings app and configure the tweak:

There you’ll find a place to enter the passcode hint you want, RGB sliders for changing the color of the text to anything you want it to be, and a toggle switch for hiding or showing calendar event titles. All your changes will be done automatically, so you don’t need to respring your device.

What is really strange is that that there’s no indicator for the RGB sliders that shows you what color you’re picking. So you have to lock and unlock your iPhone repeatedly while playing with the sliders until you see a color you want.

SmallHint has the potential to reduce the security of your device. So if you take care about your personal info then don’t put any obvious hints on your Lock screen. If you intend to use the tweak, use a hint that’s just subtle enough for only you to understand.

So if you have hard times to remember your passcode, SmallHint tweak will help you to remember it by keeping a subtle hint for passcode on iOS 9 Lock screen.

Friday, December 2, 2016

How To Delete Or Hide Apps With A 3D Touch In iOS 9

Free new Cydia release dubbed as Force Delete is allows you to delete or hide apps with a 3D Touch in iOS 9. iOS 10 has made clearing apps from your device a real problem. Before iOS 10 public release developers had the option of adding 3D Touch features to their apps and hackers were trying to implement this feature in jailbreak tweaks. But in iOS 10 every app installed on your device has 3D Touch sharing option. This is great but it has one disadvantage. It can be annoying when you're trying to simply delete and app form your iPhone, and instead the 3D Touch menu keeps popping up. Force Delete tweak solves this problem by letting you delete or hide apps with a 3D Touch in iOS 9. So here is how the tweak actually works.

How To Delete Or Hide Apps With A 3D Touch On iOS 9 iPhone

To begin with you should download Force Delete tweak Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak is available as a free download package. Once it is installed, head over to the tweak's preferences pane to set you changes.

Once done you can use a 3D Touch feature on any app on your iPhone's Home screen to reveal one of the new menu options. You’ll see “Delete this app” option if it’s an App Store app. If you’re using a 3D Touch gesture on a system app, such as manually installed from Cydia or an app pre-installed by Apple you will see the following “Hide this app” option.

However Force Delete is designed for 3D Touch devices, you don’t necessarily need a 3D Touch display to use it. So if you have older iOS 9 iPhone without 3D touch feature but jailbroken you can easily use Force Delete with the revealMenu tweak installed, simulates 3D Touch gestures.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

LockLaunchApp Tweak Puts App Launcher On iPhone’s Lock Screen

If you have jailbroken device with the new jailbreak tweak you can put an app launcher on iOS 9 iPhone’s Lock screen. Dubbed as LockLaunchApp this Cydia release intends to make accessing most used apps on your iPhone easier.

The tweak puts an app launcher on your iPhone’s Lock screen that can support up to six of your favorite apps, and what is really great, it is possible to customize the appearance of the launcher too. Here is how everything works.

How To Launch Apps From The Lock Screen In iOS 9

In order to put an app launcher on iOS 9 iPhone’s Lock screen you should download LockLaunchApp tweak on your jailbroken iOS 9 device that costs just $0.99 and install it.

After the tweak is installed, you can head right over to the Settings app where you’ll find a preferences pane for LockLaunchApp. There you’ll find a toggle switch to enable or disable the tweak on the demand, as well as six app slots that you can configure with your six favorite apps.

Here you can also choose your favorite launch animation for when you open an app from the Lock screen. You can have your app launcher shake, pulse, and more when launching apps. What is more LockLaunchApp supports special effects, which include a vibration effect, having rounded app icons, and setting a custom app icon transparency.

Once you’re done with your settings, you can click on the blue Save Changes button and it resprings your device so all the changes will take place.

Now the next time you will launch an app from your Lock screen, all you have to do is click on the appropriate app after waking your iPhone. If you set an animation, you’ll see it repeat itself twice right before the app launches. If there a passcode on your device, then you should to authenticate yourself first either by entering it or using Touch ID.

I think LockLaunchApp tweak does a great job as it really saves your time because all of your most used apps are at hand.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How To Modify The Calculator App Color Scheme On iOS 9 iPhone

If you have jailbroken iPhone you can modify the Calculator app color scheme in iOS 9 using new Cydia release. The Calculator app on the iPhone has always had the same orange color scheme, but jailbreak tweak called ColorCalculator changes it make it possible to apply any color you’d like. Here is the short review on how ColorCalculator works.

How To Modify The Calculator App Color Scheme In iOS 9

With a number of pre-set colors to choose from, ColorCalculator is easy to use. So in order to get the ability to modify the Calculator app color scheme in iOS 9 first head to Cydia and download ColorCalculator tweak for free. 

Once the tweak is installed on your jailboken iOS 9 device, you can go straight to ColorCalculator preferences pane in Settings, where you can start playing around with its color configuration options. There are 9 different colors you can choose from.

When you’re done making your color selection, simply click on the blue Apply Changes button in the tweak's preferences pane. This will not respring your iPhone and apply the changes immediately.

What is great is that the tweak not only works in portrait mode, but landscape as well, as you can see from the screenshot above.

The only minus is that there isn’t a color picker interface built into the preferences pane like a lot of other color selection tweaks, so you are limited to the colors you can choose from.

For most, this isn’t a problem, as most of the major colors are listed, but others might not be able to get certain colors in between the ones available if they’re using this tweak in tandem with some sort of theme, which might throw things off in terms of aesthetics.

So if you frequently do some math on Calculator app and get bored with the default color ColorCalculator tweak is the good way to change the color scheme and make the app look different.

Monday, November 28, 2016

How To Keep Google Maps From Nagging When Location Services Are Disabled

Want to keep Google Maps from nagging when Location Services are disabled then you should try new Cydia release known as Google Maps – No Location Services Alert jailbreak. Google Maps for iOS is a great way to quickly find directions, that's why many users give access to their location. But others prevent the app from accessing their location because of privacy concerns and primarily use it to explore the region. If you belongs to this group of people and want to disable location services warning alert when you open Google Maps, then read the review below.

How To Keep Google Maps From Nagging When Location Services Are Disabled In iOS 9

To get started you should download Google Maps – No Location Services Alert tweak on your jailbroken iOS 9 iPhone or iPad. The tweak is totally free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

Once the tweak is installed it starts to work immediately with no options for configuration. From now any alert will no longer appear above when location services are turned off for Google Maps app. The tweak works when you disable location services for Google Maps itself, and when location services are disabled temporarily for all apps on your jailbroken iOS 9 device as well.

You may think what is the reason why someone in the world would use Google Maps without giving it location access? Actually there are few reasons, just to begin with that Google uses your data and from a security point of view not everyone want to grant it. Google Maps can be still useful even when location services are turned off as you can look up locations and get directions from start to end points when you type them manually. 

Even with so long name this jailbreak tweak keeps Google Maps from nagging you when Location Services are disabled. So if you prefer not to give Google Maps your location, then you should definitely try this tweak.

Friday, November 25, 2016

How To Enable iOS 10 Style Notification Banners On iOS 9 iPhone

If you have jailbroken device and impressed by new features and interface changes that Apple has brought with the latest version of iOS then you can enable iOS 10 style notification banners on iOS 9 iPhone with the new Cydia release. Called Notifications10 this new jailbreak tweak help to bring some of the iOS 10 look and feel to your jailbroken iPhone. Here is the short review on how Notifications10 tweak works.

How To Enable iOS 10 Style Notification Banners In iOS 9

To get started head to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and download Notifications10 tweak for just $0.99. Note that the tweak is developed for larger displays, so it is recommended not to use it on the iPhone 5, 5s, or SE. It’s intended for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and later. Installing the tweak on the smaller-screened device won’t look as nice. Once the tweak is installed, it will start to work automatically as there is no options to configure. 

The new look and feel, which makes the banner look more bubbly with a bright title bar, will be seen universally throughout iOS. This includes the Lock screen, Notification Center, and even when a banner notification pops up while you’re on the Home screen or in an app.

From the top post, you can swipe to the right on a notification and you’ll get the same options you would see on an iOS 10 device, including the clear button for dismissing the notification and a button for replying when it’s relevant.

The same visual effects are applied to your Notification Center widgets:

The tweak was tested on iPhone 5s and things look a little crowded on the puny 4-inch display, as was mentioned earlier. So it is better to enable iOS 10 style notification banners on iOS 9 iPhone 6/6 Plus and later using Notifications10 tweak.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

How To Free Up GBs Of Free Space On iOS 10 iPhone

In this post we will show you how to free up GBs o free space on your iOS 10 iPhone even without jailbreak. Storage on iOS devices has long been a bit of an issue for some users. Those people often have smaller capacity devices such as those with 16GB or even 8GB storage, but the issue can befall those who carry 128GB devices too. As you know that i all depends on what you have installed and usage on your device as well.

But if you’re down to the last few hundred megabytes, you better have a plan for quickly freeing some space back up.

How To Free Up GBs Of Free Space On iOS 10.1.1 iPhone

Before iOS 10 release there was a nifty trick that could free up space with few easy steps, and it involved downloading a large movie. Many users who tried this on their iOS 9 devices claimed that it worked for them. As it turned out, iOS would recognize there was a shortage of free space and then attempt to rectify that by removing unused, old temporary and cache files from applications. Setting a movie to download, then jumping into settings from the low storage alert could often result in quite a lot of space being left over. But this game was over when Apple has released iOS 10 update.

Fortunately the scheme works just fine using the App Store and a large app of which there are plenty to choose from.

So to free up GBs o free space on iOS 10 iPhone you should download the largest app you can find in App Store and then watch within the Settings app (Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Available) as iOS 10 goes about removing files it doesn’t need in an attempt to free up space. Then, simply cancel the download once you can see that space has been created and the amount of space used by your apps has reduced.

As you see the trick is really simple, but it actually helps you to get free space on your device.

Monday, November 21, 2016

PullOver Tweak Pins An App To Screen For Easier Multitasking In iOS 9

If you have jailbroken device you can pin an app to screen for easier multitasking in iOS 9 with new jailbreak tweak dubbed as PullOver. This Cydia release allows you to pin your most used application to your screen and bring it forward whenever you like with tap of a button. This jailbreak tweak brings a new way to multitask on jailbroken iOS devices.

How To Pin An App To Screen For Easier Multitasking On iOS 9 iPhone

With PullOver tweak you can easily pin an app to screen for easier multitasking in iOS 9 that can be useful depending on what you’re doing on your jailbroken device. For example, you could be watching videos on Youtube or browsing the internet on Safari and you can quickly click on the pullover button to bring your frequently used application to the front. Use it and then return to whatever you were doing before. 

To get PullOver tweak on your device head to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and download it for free. The tweak has been tested to work on iOS 9.0.2 up to iOS 9.3.3. To start to configure PullOver, you’ll need to navigate the tweak's preferences pane in the Settings app after installation:

From Settings you can configure the appearance of the PullOver button, turn the tweak on or off and more importantly choose an Activator gesture that will be used to pin an application. 

When you invoke the tweak, you’ll see a small slider at the edge of your iPhone's screen; invoking the action again hides the slider from view.

While the slider is on your screen, you can pull on it to bring up a windowed interface of your selected app. In this windowed mode, it is possible to use the app like you normally would.

You can play with the size of the PullOver button and change background or arrow color, all of which can help you achieve the look you’re want.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

How To Quickly Recover Passwords When You Forgot Them In iOS 9

It can be a real challenge to remember all your passwords, that's why new Cydia release called PasswordRecovery helps you to store and recover passwords when forgot them on iOS 9 iPhone. This jailbreak tweak comes with password remembrance and recovery options all in a single package so you’ll never forget or have to reset a password for any its supported apps ever again. If you are interested read the short review below.

How To Store And Recover Passwords When You Forgot Them In iOS 9

At present the tweak supports three of the most popular social networking apps which are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and your passcode as well. However the developer behind the tweak ensures that this is the starting point for the tweak and he will add more as the requests come.

So to start up you need to install PasswordRecovery from Cydia for $1.50. You can use it both on jailbroken iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices. PasswordRecovery will add its preferences pane but you cannot do any configurations there without authenticating with Touch ID authentication. So don't worry that someone would  be able to place their email address in the tweak’s preferences pane instead of yours to jack your passwords.

PasswordRecovery works with the apps directly from the App Store, so you won’t need to install another app to have to copy and paste your password in between apps all the time.

Instead, when you need to sign in to your social networking app, this tweak will remember your password the first time you enter it correctly and will save it in a secure manner. Afterwards, you’re free to sign out of your social networking app from your device because PasswordRecovery will remember it the next time you need it.

PasswordRecovery utilizes Touch ID for security. When it’s time to sign back into a supported app you’ve logged out of, you can use your fingerprint auto-fill your saved password for you.

Except storing PasswordRecovery recover passwords when forgot them on iOS 9 iPhone, so you can get your forgotten password by answering the security questions you set up. When you answer them correctly, you can view your password immediately with Touch ID authentication, or get it sent to the email you set up with PasswordRecovery. If a password is entered incorrectly too many times, you'll get the email informing you about the wrong attempts.