Monday, September 25, 2017

TextyClock Adds Text-Based Clock To The iOS 10 iPhone Lock Screen

If you didn't upgrade your device to iOS 11 and it is still jailbroken the you can try new Cydia release that adds text-based clock to the iPhone Lock Screen. Your Lock screen contains such information as the current time, received notifications, and app widgets. And many users often launch the Lock screen just to view the current time.

The recent Cydia release called TextyClock adds some spice to your iPhone Lock screen. The tweak spells out the current time in English, rather than displaying a digital clock as you’re probably accustomed to by now.

TextyClock tweak also comes with a bulk of options for customization the clock's view. It is possible to change the position of the clock on the Lock Screen, adjust the font size, pick the font style, change the color of the text, and much more.

The other advantage is that the tweak not only add text-based clock to the Lock Screen but to the Status bar as well. So instead of the digit-based clock in the Status bar, you’ll view a new clock that spells out the current time using English language.

So if you want to add text-based clock to your iPhone Lock Screen then you can download TextyClock from Cydia for $1.50. It is compatible jailbroken devices running iOS 7 – iOS 10.

Once you're done with installation you can visit TextyClock preferences pane in Settings app, where you can start configuring and customizing the look and feel of the tweak. 

Once you’re done with settings, the result will be displayed on the screen right away. A respring doesn’t seem to be required to save your changes, but you may notice a slight delay before the changes took effect on their own.

So if you prefer text-based clock better than the original digit-based clock then you'll definitely find TextyClock useful. 


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