Tuesday, September 26, 2017

PowerBar Adds A Horizontal Battery Bar To iOS 10 iPhone Status Bar

If your devices is jailbroken and you didn't update it to iOS 11 then you can try new jailbreak tweak, that adds a horizontal Battery Bar to the iPhone Status Bar. Called PowerBar, this tweak displays a progress bar in the Status bar which indicates the current level of your battery. So now except such important info as the battery level, the WiFi signal, current time, cellular signal, your Status Bar now gets new feature. The tweak adds a horizontal bar right above the Status bar which increases and decreases based on the amount of battery left on your iPhone.

For example, if your battery level is around 30%, the bar shrinks to one-third of the screen. Similarly, if it’s at 100%, the bar expands to cover the entire width of the screen. 

How To Add A Horizontal Battery Bar To The iPhone Status Bar

In order to add a horizontal Battery Bar to the iPhone Status Bar you should first download and install PowerBar tweak on your device.

Step 1. From the Sources section of Cydia, click on Edit > Add.

Step 2. Then enter the following source: http://skylerk99.github.io. 

Step 3. Once you add it and Cydia refreshes, you find PowerBar tweak. 

Step 4. Download and install it on your jailbroken device. The tweak is available for free and is compatible with iOS 10 devices.

Step 5.Once you install the tweak, you’ll be able to view the battery bar at the top of the Status bar. It is possible to customize the tweak's options from dedicated preferences pane in Settings. 

Step 6. After you made some changes there is no need to respring your device as the result will be visible right away.

Personally I like PowerBar tweak as it offers an new interesting way to show the battery level. As your battery level decreases, the color changes from green to yellow, orange, and finally red, which dispayes the lowest amount of your iPhone battery.


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