Wednesday, August 16, 2017

StyloPowerDown Tweak Adds New Options To The iPhone Power Off Screen

If you have jailbroken device then you have a great chance to add new options to the iPhone power off screen with new Cydia tweak installed. Apple has redesigned the Power Off screen in its mobile operating system several times over the past few iterations of iOS. In iOS 10, when you press and hold the Power button, you’re presented with a slider and a knob which you can swipe to power off your iPhone. If you’re running iOS 10 and want to bring a new look to this interface or switch to how it looked back in iOS 7, then you should try StyloPowerDown jailbreak tweak.

This Cydia tweak brings a few new themes for the power off screen in iOS 10. You can switch to the classic power off screen that was present back in iOS 7 or you can go for a theme that has been inspired by the power down menu present in LG mobile phones.

StyloPowerDown tweak also brings new functionalities to your power down screen. When you choose the LG-inspired power off screen, in addition to the default power button, you get extra options for restarting your jailbroken iPhone or placing it in Airplane Mode. 

On the other hand, the iOS 7 theme simply changes the skin of the power down screen to look like that of iOS 7. It also provides a popup menu which you can enable to gain access to more features such as respring, reboot, Airplane Mode, as well as Safe Mode.

So if you interested in trying StyloPowerDown tweak then is available for $1.00 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The tweak is compatible with jailbroken iOS 8 – iOS 10 devices. The tweak comes with a dedicated preferences pane that will be added to Settings to configure it the way you want. 

Note every time you make changes to the tweak’s configuration, you have to respring your device. Just hit the respring button, that is located at the bottom of the tweak’s preference pane. 


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