Thursday, August 17, 2017

ProxySwitcher Tweak Lets Enable Proxy With A Single Tap On Status Bar

If your iOS 10 device is jailbroken then you can easily enable Proxy with a single tap on Status Bar using new Cyia release dubbed as ProxySwitcher. This jailbreak tweak lets users easily define proxy settings on their device and toggle the functionality on and off quickly with ease.

The average iOS device or Internet user may not have ever concerned themselves with proxies and the use thereof, but the fact that ProxySwitcher tweak makes it so accessible and easy to interact with and implement could be the start of a lot more users getting to grips with it. 

ProxySwitcher is extremely simple in use and brings the dedicated preference pane to Settings app right after installation. From there you can configure the tweak settings. 

The iOS devices owners can also add in the details of the proxy server in this panel which defines exactly where the network requests are passed before being served back to the device. 

The tweak's preference pane also includes a nifty status bar icon. This allows the user to quickly toggle the feature on and off with a single tap from anywhere rather than having to open the native Settings app. So you can easily find the ProxySwitcher settings, and then enable or disable it through there. 

So if you want to enable Proxy with a single tap on Status Bar on your jailbroken device then ProxySwitcher is available as a single purchase commercial tweak from the BigBoss repo. This jailbreak tweak costs only $1.00.

Personally I find this jailbreak tweak release interesting as it allows me to quickly enable/disable Proxy with a single tap on Status Bar on my jailbroken device and now there is no need to dig through the iPhone settings to interact with the details of the proxy server.


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