Thursday, August 31, 2017

How To Prevent Others From Deleting iOS Apps On iPhone

If you share your phone with multiple people, then you should probably know to prevent others from deleting iPhone apps. Apple quipped iOS platform with with restriction features to prevent app deletion. It is possible to head over to Settings >  General > Restrictions > Deleting Apps and easily toggle on this feature. It will prevent your apps from being erased, but now to you must visit the preferences pane and enter a passcode every time you need to disable and re-enable this feature.

That's why iOS developer NeinZedd9 released a new Cydia tweak known as HideDeleteBox. This tweak takes a simpler approach; it makes the “x” button that typically appears after entering ‘jiggle’ mode on your iPhone invisible.

It is still possible to enter ‘jiggle’ mode after installing HideDeleteBox tweak, but because the “x” button is gone, it appears almost as if there’s no way to clear your apps. You can still click where the “x” button used to appear to view the prompt to clear an app.

The tweak actually offer very insidious way to prevent others from deleting iPhone apps, as most people would turn back after being unable to find the “x” button. They’d think something went wrong on your device or that app deletion was just impossible.

So if you want to try HideDeleteBox tweak, it is possible to download it visiting Cydia’s ModMyi repo. The tweak is totally free and is compatible with all jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

HideDeleteBox jailbreak tweak is more a deterrent mean than a security measure as nothing any person can click on the place where the “x” button used to be previously and easily erasing an app. Personally I like this tweak as it is really funny to see that someone cannot remove the app on your iPhone as they don't see no “x” button, but you know that it is invisible.


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