Saturday, July 15, 2017

NCLink10 Lets Group Inbound Notifications By App In iOS 10

If you have jailbroken device you can group inbound notifications by app in iOS 10 installing new jailbreak tweak known as NCLink10, that was released by iOS developer HiDaN. On the screenshot below you can see that NCLink10 tweak not only allows you to group notifications by app, but it even lets you collapse sections. To collapse the notifications associated with  the app just click on its header. 

Note that there are collapsed headers that have numbers on them, and others that don’t. The number shows how many new missed notifications there are inside the section since it was last collapsed.

Also you can easily fold sections with notifications for apps that you don't want to see banners from.
So if you want to group inbound notifications by app in iOS 10 then NCLink10 is available from Cydia for only $1.99. Download it and install on your device. Once you're done the tweak will add a dedicated preferences pane to the Settings app. From there you can configure few options including:

NCLink10 preferences pane is divided into three main sections, including General, Notification Center and Lock screen. Each section offer such options to configure:

The tweak offers bulk of options that will be useful for different users. If you better prefer this classic functionality, then you should definitely try NCLink10. It even offer some additional features that even earlier stock installations of iOS didn’t have, including Apple Watch-style notifications, app-based coloring, and privacy mode.

Whether the NCLink10 jailbreak tweak is for you depends on how you use your phone and how much you miss the grouping of notifications from previous iOS versions. So if you want to have it all back on your jailbroken iOS 10 iPhone right away, then you can grab NCLink10 now.


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