Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lysithea X Adds iOS 11-esque Lock Screen Music Controls To iOS 10

If you don't plan to upgrade your device to the Apple's latest software release not to lose jailbreak then you can add iOS 11-esque Lock screen music controls to iOS 10 installing new Cydia tweak. As you may know, iOS 11 brings with a redesigned Now Playing Lock screen interface, that takes up less space. As the result you can manage your music playback and see missed notifications in the same place and in the same time.

Dubbed as Lysithea X, this interesting jailbreak tweak brings this iOS 11 Now Playing Lock screen interface to jailbroken iOS 10 devices. So if you interested how this new interface will look on your device then download Lysithea X for $0.99 from Cydia and install it on you device. 

On the screenshot example above you can see that the changes are somewhat drastic. The interface for your music looks like a Today widget, it shows your Now Playing media instead of your typical widget info. You get controls for music scrubbing, volume level, next and previous tracks, and playing or pausing the music.

It is also possible to double-tap on the album artwork to shrink the size of the widget vertically, as shown below:

Lysithea X comes with a dedicated preferences pane, that will be added to the Settings app right after installation. From there you can configure a few options. Lysithea X brings four styling themes - iOS Default, Custom Tint Color Overlay, Artwork Blur and Artwork Color. These are all available in the Settings app.

There to is no need to respring your device to apply and save your setting as all changes will take place right away.

Note that Lysithea X tweak is compatible with jailbroken iOS 10 devices only. This tweak works with the most of the already existing Lock screen tweaks including Noctis, Priority Hub, Lockglyph X and more.

If adding iOS 11-esque Lock screen music controls to iOS 10 is not enough for you and you're are looking for even more iOS 11 features, then you should wait for Eleven. This is an extensive set of jailbreak tweaks, that is currently under development. 


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