Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How To Merge The App Switcher And Control Center Interfaces Into One

SwitcherControls jailbreak tweak, that has recently hit the Cydia, aims to merge the App Switcher and Control Center interfaces into one. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Apple merged the multitasking switcher with Control Center. With jailbreak it becomes possible. Now with a single action, you can access various Control Center sections which are now part of the App Switcher. SwitcherControls has the ability to customize the order of the sections so that you can get that perfect setup.

Whenever you’re listening to music, SwitcherControls will automatically show the Now Playing interface so you can easily control your playback:

The tweak doesn't change the main functionalities of App Switcher and Control Center, so you can swipe up on app cards to force-quit apps in App Switcher as you do it normally.

So if you want to try to merge the App Switcher and Control Center interfaces into one then SwitcherControls is easy to download. It is available from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and costs $1.50. The tweak adds its own preferences pane to the Settings app where you’ll be able to configure the look and feel:

The tweak is divided into sections: main, Section Layout, Advanced Options. From the main section you can enable/disable the tweak on demand and respring your device to apply and save your changes. 

From the Section Layout pane, you can configure such options as:

Advanced Options pane allows you to configure the following options:

As you've notice the tweak offers long list of options; enough to satisfy almost every iOS device user.
SwitcherControls is compatible with many control center tweaks including Kaze, FlipControlCenter, 3DSwitcher 2, Polus, Noctis, and most other app switcher tweaks.

SwitcherControls is one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks, I really find merging App Switcher and Control Center into one interface very useful and handy for daily usage. That's why I love my iOS 10 iPhone to be jailbroken, as I can try various tweaks from Cydia to improve my user experience. 


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