Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How To Bring An Android-Style Bottom Navigation Bar To iOS 10

If you have jailbroken device, it is possible to bring an Android-style bottom navigation bar to iOS 10 iPhone with new Cydia tweak dubbed as AlternateControls 2. This tweak offers a set of on-screen software controls for iOS and is available for download from Cydia for $1.49. If you have the original AlternateControls you can get a free upgrade. The tweak supports only jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

Once you install it you've notice that bottom navigation bar on your iPhone has been changed. It now has three options: the button to the left option will act as a back button, the center button as a Home button and the button to the far right as an App Switcher shortcut.

You can configure AlternateControls options visiting via the new preferences pane in the Settings app:

As you've notice AlternateControls offers a host of different options that allows you to not only customize the functionality but the look  of the navigation bar.

When it comes to configuring aesthetics, it is possible to select your own icons and colors from the preferences pane:

You can configure any of the icons or all three at once and it is up to your personal tastes. For colorization, a color picker allows you to choose any color you like.

Of course AlternateControls is not for all users as if you’re a hardcore iOS user, you'll better prefer the way iOS works. But if you want to try something new on your jailbroken device and bring an Android-style bottom navigation bar to iOS 10 then this tweak is for you.

Personally I like this jailbreak tweak. Previously I had Android device and I find bottom navigation bar as a handy option that can be used on the daily basis.


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