Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How To Apply A New Control Center Look In iOS 10

If you want to apply a new Control Center look in iOS 10 then you should jailbroken your device. Once you do that it can be possible to download new Cydia tweak known as CCSmooth10 by CydiaGeekeak. This jailbreak tweak aims to change Control Center interface by giving you visual and useful options to make its look and feel better.

CCSmooth10 tweak comes with a bulk of options that can make Control Center look totally different than it does out of the box. Its effects are purely cosmetic rather than functional, but you can get some awesome effects playing with tweak's options.

CCSmooth10 tweak is available as free package for download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. It works fine only with jailbroken iOS 10 devices. Once you're done with installation, CCmooth10 will add a dedicated preferences pane to the Settings app, from where you can change your appearance options:

Note that to apply and save your changes you need to respring your device. Find ta respring button at the bottom of tweak's preferences pane and click on it.

You can toggle all the options on at once, or you can mix and match them; it all comes down to personal preference. On the screenshot above you can see our example on how you can use the tweak apply a new Control Center look in iOS 10. Of course tour mileage may vary when compared to our examples, as the appearance will depend on the options you’ve applied.

CCSmooth10 tweak is one f my favorite as it allows to customize Control Center interface look. Personally, I like the vertical Control Center option the most. And when enabled it with the translucent blur effect and white glyph effects it look really amazing. Although CCSmooth10 is an aesthetics tweak and doesn't offer some interesting functionality or improvement it is really fun to play with its options. 


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