Monday, May 8, 2017

New Tweak Automatically Closes Folders After Launching Apps From Them

If you have jailbroken iPhone you can force your device to automatically close folders after launching apps from them in iOS 10. By default when you open a folder to launch a containing app, and then you close this app, you stay inside the folder where you originally launched that app. But it would be much better to go bck right to the Home screen.

Called FolderAutoClose 10, this new jailbreak tweak changes this scenario by automatically closing folders in the background when launching apps from them.

How To Automatically Close Folders After Launching Apps From Them

So if you want your iPhone to automatically close folders after launching apps from them in iOS 10, then you should try FolderAutoClose 10, as it always takes you to the Home screen after closing an app rather than inside a folder. 

The tweak can be downloaded for free of charge from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It supports only jailbroken iOS 10 devices. AutoFolderClose 10 doesn’t come with any options to configure and so its effects take place immediately once you install it on your jailbroken device. 

So if you don't like to stay in a folder after launching apps from them and prefer to go straight to Home page then FolderAutoClose 10 will be really helpful for you.

The only way you'll see this tweak useless is when you want to interact with other app from the same folder once you close the first app, as you 're being redirected to the Home screen. It means that you’d have to open the folder again to launch the other app. However, this won’t be the case very often.

If you ever want to disable AutoFolderClose 10 tweak effects all you have to is to uninstall the tweak from your jailbroken iOS 10 iPhone.


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