Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How To Make Lock Screen Clock Subtler In iOS 10

New Cydia tweak known as Vibrancy (iOS 10) makes your Lock screen clock subtler in iOS 10. As you know by default Apple doesn't provide us with visual customization options to change Lock screen clock looks due to the user’s personality.

As we are all different with our personal tastes and views Vibrancy (iOS 10) gives us ability to add some individual touch to Lock screen clock look. The tweak makes the Lock screen clock text subtler in iOS 10, giving the illusion that the time is fading away into the wallpaper.

On the image example above you can see how the Lock screen clock text looks before and after installing the tweak. On the left (before) side it is solid white and it is semi-transparent white and subtler after installing the tweak (right side).

Of course the look will change due to different wallpapers. To give you an idea of what the effect looks like against different wallpapers, there are few more examples for you to compare:

Since the clock text becomes transparent, it is possible to see certain parts of the wallpaper peeking back at you through the font. As you've noticed the tweak only looks good when paired with darker wallpapers. So it is better to use the tweak with darker wallpapers, rather than with light.

If you want to make your Lock screen clock subtler in iOS 10 then you should consider checking Vibrancy (iOS 10). The tweak is free download from Cydia. Note that it works only on jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

Once you install Vibrancy (iOS 10) tweak on your device, it will start to work immediately, as it doesn’t come with any options for configuration. So you are free to play around with the tweak yourself matching various wallpapers to get the look you want. 


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