Friday, May 26, 2017

ClassicFolders 2 Tweak Brings Back The iOS 6 Folder Style To iOS 10

Having jailbroken device is always a big advantage as you can make various iOS parts look the way you want and the recent Cydia release lets you brings back the iOS 6 folder style to iOS 10. As you may remember with the release of iOS 7, Apple introduced a fully revamped user interface that was based on flat design. It soon became a design trend that was adopted by many different companies in different industries.

For many users it was really hard to get used to the new design, but it soon started to make sense why Apple made this switch. Though, if you still prefer the old design over the new one, then you may be interested in a new Cydia tweak that brings back the iOS 6 folder style to iOS 10.

Known as ClassicFolders 2, this jailbreak tweak enables the iOS 6 folder style on iOS 10 iPhone, which features a dark background and opens as a tray below the folder icon. The tweak also customizes the folder icon to make it look how it was on iOS 6.

Apart from the iOS 6 folder style, ClassicFolders tweak offers a couple more styles including Modern, Mavericks, and iOS 4 beta style. These styles modify the background of the folder and its icon.

So if you want to bring back older styles then you should download ClassicFolders 2 tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It costs $1.99 and is compatible with jailbroken iOS 10 devices. ClassicFolders has been developed by CoolStar and Jeremy Goulet. Right after installation ClassicFolders 2 configuration pane will be added to Settings that allows you to configure the tweak's options.

ClassicFolders 2 is a great aesthetic tweak that doesn't only brings the iOS 6 folder style to iOS 10 but provides 3 different folder styles as well. So if you like modern look, then you can try the other folder styles that tweak offers.


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