Friday, May 12, 2017

CCVertically Gives Control Center A Vertical Makeover In iOS 10

Want to try a nifty trick to give Control Center a vertical makeover in iOS 10 then you should install new Cydia release known as CCVertically. By default Control Center has a horizontal layout; it’s devided into rows with each section having its own dedicated purpose, whether it’s for toggles, shortcuts, or sliders.CCVertically Cydia tweak, created by iOS developer pxcex flips everything 90 degrees to give Control Center a vertical makeover in iOS 10. Let's find out how this jailbreak tweak actually do this trick.

How To Give Control Center A Vertical Makeover

Look at the screenshot below. All the elements in the Control Center look different after installing CCVertically tweak. The toggle buttons appear on the left side of the interface, the shortcuts appear on the right side, and all other elements appears in the middle of Control Center.

It is also possible transform the look of the media page in Control Center using CCVertically tweak. It puts your music controls on the left side of the interface and your sound source on the right.

So if you're wan to try how your Control Center will look with the vertical makeover then you should first install CCVertically tweak. CCVertically is available for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repo and works with all jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

Once the tweak is installed, head over to the dedicated preferences pane in the Settings app where you'll find a few options for configurations:

  • Enable/disable the effect for the main Control Center page
  • Enable/disable the effect for the media Control Center page
  • Hide/show the text labels for the buttons
To save your changes you need to click on a respring button, that you'll find at the bottom of the pane.

Of course not all users will like a vertical Control Center, but it can be a nice breath of fresh air from the original appearance. So if your iOS 10 device is jailbroken you can install CCVertically tweak right now.


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