Monday, April 3, 2017

New Tweak Helps To Modify The Activity Bar On iOS 10 iPhone

With the new Cydia tweak you can modify the activity bar on iOS 10 iPhone. Can this tweak be useful? Every time you are using the personal hotspot feature of your iPhone to share data with any other device or interact with an app like Google Maps that uses your location, iOS displays a big blue bar on top of the screen. This bar indicates that an app is using a system service and you should be aware about it. While these bars that occasionally appear on our iPhones are important they are very ugly and intrusive at the same time. That’s where a new jailbreak tweak dubbed as UsageBarX by iOS developer Justin Petkovic can be useful, as it offers several solution of this problem.

So to get the ability to modify the activity bar on iOS 10 iPhone navigate to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and search for as UsageBarX tweak. It is available as a free download package and works great with jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

Once you install the tweak go to the Settings app and find the a dedicated preferences pane. From there you can choose your desired Status Bar type whenever performing any of the aforementioned background activities:

Keep in mind that the slim option re-sizes the Status Bar to the normal size under all conditions, which helps reduce the “squashing” effect of your app interfaces. This option is best for people who want to see when the background activity is occurring, but don’t want the Status Bar making it harder to use their apps.

On the other hand the transparent option keeps the original size of the double-decker Status Bar whenever background activity like Personal Hotspot, a backgrounded phone call, or background microphone/location data is occurring. This option is best for users who don’t mind the oversized Status Bar, but hate the stark color differences compared to the rest of the UI.

If you don’t care to see the background activity at all, you can hide it completely and your Status Bar will just continue to look how it always does, even when performing background activities that normally make the Status Bar too thick. As you can see UsageBarX offers enough options to modify the clunky activity bar on iOS 10 iPhone.


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