Monday, April 10, 2017

How To Preview Screenshots In Banner Notifications In iOS 10

A new Cydia release offers a way to preview screenshots in banner notifications in iOS 10. Taking a screenshot on iPhone is as simple as pressing the Home and Power buttons at the same time. But whenever you press this buttons simultaneously, you just get a flashing screen which confirms that a screenshot has been successfully taken. ScreenshotBanners is a new Cydia tweak that comes in handy in this situation as it replaces screenshot with banners that include a preview of the captured screenshot. Isn't it a nice concept?

So to get the ability to preview screenshots in banner notifications in iOS 10 then you should go to Cydia and download ScreenshotBanners tweak for free of charge. The tweak supports all jailbroken iOS 10 devices and doesn’t brings a dedicated preference pane for configurations. This means that once you've installed the tweak, it will work right away. The next time you capture the screenshot on your device you will see its preview in banner notification.

This tweak can be useful for those users who like taking screenshots a lot, or those who crave to take that perfect screenshot every single time. You can use ScreenshotBanners tweak and get a visual look of what you just captured. As for me it is really convenient.

ScreenshotBanners is mostly an aesthetic tweak, as it changes the way your phone looks when you take a screenshot rather than changing it functionality. Although, as the tweak shows a preview of the screenshot right inside the banner notification, there is also a functional aspect to the tweak since it allows you to ensure that your screenshot taken everything you needed it to without navigating to the Photos app to see it up close.

You can also use the recently-released jailbreak tweak called Share Anywhere that lets you share image, screenshot or text from anywhere in iOS 10.


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