Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How To Download YouTube Videos On iOS 10 iPhone And Save To The Camera Roll

Reading this post you will learn how to download YouTube videos on iPhone and then save it them to the Camera roll. You can watch various videos directly from your iOS 10 iPhone via the official YouTube. But there is one disadvantage, the app doesn't have the functionality to download and save videos for offline usage. Fortunately, the tweak known as YouTube++ offers a simple way to download videos from the YouTube app and save it right to your iPhone’s Camera Roll using.

This tweak is directly integrated within the stock Youtube app and it is possible to download, watch videos offline and delete them within the app’s interface. Another useful feature of YouTube++ app is that it blocks the ads that appear before a video is played.

How To Download YouTube Videos On iPhone And Save To The Camera Roll

Before you proceed note that after every 7 days, you have to reinstall YouTube++, to continue to use its features. So follow the steps below to learn how to download YouTube videos on iPhone with YouTube++ . 

Step 1. Once YouTube++ is installed on your device, launch YouTube from your Home screen.

Step 2. Then open the video which you’d like to download. Right below the video, you’ll find a new Save button.

Step 3. Hit the Save button and pick ‘Save With ++’ option. Then choose the video resolution to download.

Step 4. Once the download process is completed, you can view the video whenever you want, even offline.

Step 5. To save a downloaded video, hit the more button next to it, and then choose ‘Save to Camera Roll’ option.

 Step 6. Once the video is saved, you can view it any time from the Camera Roll section in the Photos app.

YouTube++ is a simple and quick way to download YouTube videos and save them on iPhone for offline usage.


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