Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Tweak Enables Low Power Mode When Tap On The Status Bar Battery Icon

A new Cydia release dubbed as QuickPowerMode by Olxios&Nico allows users to quickly enable Low Power Mode when tap on the Status Bar battery icon. Low Power Mode is the great feature that allows you to save power when each time your phone reaches 20 percent battery. But some people don't like how cumbersome it is to turn the feature on. QuickPowerMode is a new jailbreak tweak that fixes this problem by offering a quick and easy way to enable Low Power Mode on jailbroken iPhone using Status Bar battery icon.

Once that tweak is installed all you have to do is click on the battery icon in your Status Bar, and this enables/disables the Low Power Mode mode. Normally to turn the Low Power Mode feature you need to launch the Settings app, then go into the Battery preferences pane, and lastly toggle the switch on. QuickPowerMode saves a lot of time by enabling Low Power Mode when tap on the Status Bar battery icon.

Once you done that, the tweak turns the icon yellow to indicate Low Power Mode is turned on. When you tap once again, Low Power Mode is instantly turned off, just as quickly. As simple as it is. What is more the tweak works from anywhere in iOS 10, whether you’re in an app, on the Home screen, or even when you’re on the Lock screen.

You may be familiar with the other jailbreak tweak called CCLowPower, that adds a Low Power Mode toggle to Control Center. But QuickPowerMode is more efficient as you even don't have to launch Control Center to toggle the feature on.

So if you want to get the ability to quickly enable the Low Power Mode tapping on the Status Bar battery icon then QuickPowerMode is available from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free with no options for configurations.


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