Monday, March 20, 2017

SleekNotifications Makes Notification Banners More Compact In iOS 10

Those who have jailbroken device can make notification banners more compact in iOS 10 with new Cydia release. Banners were originally introduced with iOS 7 and were aimed to keep notifications out the way, but Apple eventually made them taller, causing them to get in the way of more of what you’re doing.

A new jailbreak tweak dubbed as SleekNotifications by Rishanan will help you to quell the misery in this department, as it shrinks down the size of your notification banners so they take up less vertical space on your screen.

At the screenshot above you can see that the name of the app is removed from the top of the banner to reduce its size, since the app icon is self-explanatory enough as to where the notification is coming from.

With SleekNotifications installed you get a cleaner look and feel throughout iOS as it also impacts notifications in Notification Center and on the Lock screen:

The tweak's effects even impact the widgets in the Today page, shaving unnecessary pixels off of them as well:

So to get the ability to make notification banners more compact in iOS 10 navigate to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download SleekNotifications tweak free. The tweak supports only jailbroken iOS 10 devices. SleekNotifications tweak doesn’t offer any options to configure, so once it is installed the effects are seen right away.

It should be noted that the developer behind the tweak notes that SleekNotifications also works with such jailbreak tweaks as Noctis, CleanNotifications10, and ColorBanners 2. So you have many options to customize the look and feel of notification banners that appears n your device.

In conclusion I can say that the most appealing thing about SleekNotifications tweak is that there’s not much work required to get up and running. So if you want to give the notifications and widgets an extremely minimal look you should take the tweak for a spin.


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