Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Tweak Sets An Edge-To-Edge Control Center Interface On iOS 10

There are a lot of tweaks in Cydia that bring some authentic changes or new functionality to various part of iOS platform and the recent release dubbed as CCNoFloating sets an edge-to-edge Control Center interface on iOS 10. With iOS 10 launch back in 2016 Apple added some UI change to Control Center that most of user don't like. In earlier iOS version it used to be a much bigger interface and it didn’t appear as a floating window in the middle of the screen.

With CCNoFloating tweak installed you can bring back the look and feel of Control Center from iOS 9 and earlier versions.

How To Set An Edge-To-Edge Control Center Interface On iOS 10

To get started navigate to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and download CCNoFloating tweak for free of charge. The tweak supports only jailbroken iOS 10 devices. CCNoFloating comes with a dedicated preferences pane, that will be added to the Settings app right after installation. From there you can enable/disable the tweak on demand. Since the changes are immediate, there’s no need to respring your device to save them.

After installation, Control Center no longer looks as bouncing interface instead it adopts an edge-to-edge look and feel, just like it had in earlier versions of iOS. But it still continues to feature the rounded corners and the colorful toggle buttons.

Even though Control Center spans edge-to-edge now, you can still scroll through the different Control Center pages. Each page you visit will feature the full-screen look and feel.

With CCNoFloating tweak you can easily set an edge-to-edge Control Center interface on iOS 10 without any configuration options. This is the great way to cure your nostalgia without spending money. You can also use tweak called onion, that gives Control Center both a simpler and sleeker look by removing one of the background layers from the interface or you can use CCPlus tweak that brings the ability to colorize the interface of Control Center and hide/show certain things from the UI.


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