Thursday, March 2, 2017

ColorBanners 2 Tweak Colorizes Notification Banners In iOS 10

With the new jailbreak tweak known as ColorBanners 2 you will be able to colorize notification banners on iOS 10 iPhone. When Apple has launched iOS 10 to public many users didn't like the appearance of the new notification banner style throughout the OS. 

Fortunately those folks who have jailbroken device can change that now. ColorBanners 2 tweak makes notifications a little easier to look at by coloring them to the app icon, adding a gradient, or even removing the coloring altogether and just keep the blur. Let's find out how this tweak works.

How To Add A Splash Of Color To Notification Banners On iOS 10 iPhone

By default, the ColorBanners 2 tweak is designed to colorize your notification banners based on the dominant color(s) of the app icon of the app that’s giving you the notification. the example is shown below:

In case you don’t want to set it up that way, the tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can configure your banner notifications to be any color you wish. So once you downloaded the ColorBanners 2 on your device from Cydia for $0.99 you are free to go to preference pane and set your own colors.

Note that ColorBanners 2 is supports only jailbroken iOS 10 devices, but if you're jailbroken on iOS 8-9 then you should use the original ColorBanners tweak.

ColorBanners 2 tweak settings are divided in 3 sections for configuring the banners throughout iOS platform, on the Lock screen, and in Notification Center separately. It means that you can turn on/off the tweak’s effects separately for each interface.

ColorBanners 2 is the great tweak that allows you to colorize notification banners on iOS 10 iPhone manually or via the dominant app icon color. So if you're interested in trying this tweak then go to Cydia today.


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