Monday, February 20, 2017

New Tweak Prevents From Accidentally Force-Quitting Apps That Are Currently Playing Media

Those people with jailbroken devices have a great ability to learn how to avoid to accidentally force-quit apps that are currently playing media. From time to time when I force-quit apps from my App Switcher, I end up closing an app that’s playing media in the background by accident. It can be really annoying as I need to do everything all over again: re-launch the app and re-play the song I was just listening to.

But a new jailbreak tweak dubbed as NoClose by Skylerk99 becomes a real helper for me as it prevent me from accidentally force-quitting apps that are playing media in the background by prompting me beforehand.
So how to get this tweak, simply navigate to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download NoClose tweak on you device. It supports both jailbroken iOS 9 and 10 devices and doesn’t offer any options to configure, so once you’ve installed the tweak it will be enabled right away.

NoClose tweak works by showing a confirmation message every time you attempt to close an app that is playing media in the background. If you do that, the tweak quickly displays an alert informing you that the app you're trying to quit is playing media now. You have two options either close the app, or keep the app running in the background.

The tweak supports stock Music app and third-party applications including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. Personally I encountered with some problems when using the tweak with Spotify app, but I hope the developer will quickly fix it with the next tweak's update.

In conclusion I can say that NoClose tweak is a great jailbreak tweak, although it doesn't bring any new functionality or feature it can prevent you from stop listening to your favorite song when you force-quitting apps from App Switcher.


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