Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Tweak Lets Customize Control Center Background In iOS 10

A new Cydia tweak known as CCWallCustomizer by iKilledAppl3 allows you to customize iOS 10 Control Center background. Users can choose any image of their choice from their device’s camera roll as the Control Center’s wallpaper.

CCWallCustomizer tweak is available as a free download package in Cydia and supports only jailbroken iOS 10 devices. Once the tweak is installed on your device it will add a new preferences pane in the Settings app where you can easily set up the background you want to use for Control Center.

How To Change Control Center Background In iOS 10

To set any image as Control Center wallpaper simply open CCWallCustomizer tweak’s Settings. First make sure the ‘Enable Tweak’ toggle is on. Then tap on the ‘Pick An Image’ and choose the image you want to use in the background. It can be any image from your photos. Once you have selected the image your device will quickly respring. When it comes back up, you can then swipe up to reveal Control Center and see how your new background looks.

If you don't like the background you've set then navigate to the tweak's preferences pane and find a button to remove the current image from Control Center.

Note that not all backgrounds are going to look great in Control Center as some colors can conflict with the text and colors in the interface. It is recommended to set images like the one shown on the top post picture. Unfortunately there is no way to adjust the opacity of the image, which if added, would help a lot with this potential issue.

CCWallCustomizer tweak offers an easy and a quick way to customize iOS 10 Control Center background on your jailbroken device. Do note that it is currently incompatible with Noctis and other dark mode tweaks out there.


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