Monday, February 13, 2017

New Tweak Adds Weather Info To The Lock Screen And Notification Center

If you have jailbroken device you can put weather info at the top of the Lock screen widget pages in iOS10 to make the Lock screen and Notification Center become even much more informative. Dubbed as DisplayWeather 10 this new jailbreak tweak puts your weather information to the left of the date information in each of these interfaces, letting you dedicate the space that would normally be taken up by the weather widget to other widgets instead.

How To Put Weather Info At The Top Of The Notification Center And Lock Screen Widget Pages

DisplayWeather 10 tweak utilizes the information that your iPhone’s stock Weather app receives based on your current location, so to use this tweak, you will need to have Location Services turn on for Weather. Also the tweak only works on iOS 10 so your device must be jailbroken with Yalu jailbreak. If you're find with above requirements you can go to Cydia right now and download DisplayWeather 10 tweak on your device for free.

After you install DisplayWeather 10, no additional configuration is required. Simply enable Location Services for the Weather app and the tweak will automatically detect your current location and display the corresponding weather information utilizes the space that’s normally empty on the top left side in the widget interface on both the Lock screen and Notification Center. Note that the DisplayWeather 10 tweak will not work for locations that you’ve set manually.

On the example pictures you can see how the tweak puts weather info at the top of the Lock screen widget pages in iOS 10 above and in Notification Center below. The tweak includes the name of your location, the weather conditions outside, and even a large weather illustration for visual purposes.

Personally I find DisplayWeather 10 very useful as now it is really easy for me to check the weather state either from the Notification Center or from the Lock screen.


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