Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Cydia Release Speeds Up iOS 10 On iPhone

Jailbreaking always brings some innovations to stock iOS platform and with the Speedy tweak you would be able to speed up iOS 10 on iPhone. One of the best things about jailbreaking your iPhoone is being afforded with the freedom to be able to make choices and personalization that Apple otherwise wouldn’t let you have. Some users opt to install new themes and visual amendments.

Some iOS 10 jailbroken device owners look to put on tweaks and extensions which are designed to dramatically change how the underlying OS looks or performs. Speedy jailbreak tweak essentially removes all animations from iOS completely to make it a slicker, and faster interaction experience.

How To Speed Up iOS 10 On iPhone

There are many tweaks available via Cydia that are designed to change the way animations function within iOS. Some of those extensions offer the ability to change the speed of animations by allowing the user the ability to define his/her own animation time. This could be used to speed up the animation, or slow it down depending on the user’s preferences.

We’ve also seen tweaks which exist purely from a speeding up-perspective, and set the animation to a preset defined by the developer. This definitely works for some, but doesn’t appeal to all as there’s no, or very limited control, over it from a device owner’s perspective. All these tweak are interesting but not all of them support iOS 10.2 devices.


Speedy, which is available from the following repository in Cydia (, basically takes away the control from the user and appeals to those individuals who simply want the animations gone completely. No changing of the time frame or animation block structure, no additional settings that allow flexibility. This is simply a tweak which disables the animations in iOS 10, making the whole iOS interaction experience a lot faster as a result. It may not look as pretty as Apple’s stock iOS experience, but it’s definitely speed up iOS 10 on iPhone, as you can see in the video above.



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