Thursday, February 2, 2017

Horseshoe Tweak Transforms iOS 10 Control Center Into A Single-Page Experience

Those who own jailbroken device can now transform iOS 10 Control Center into a single-page experience. As you know with iOS 10 release Apple updated Control Center UI, which now has two pages that users can swipe between on demand. The first page contains all of your controls, shortcuts, and toggles, and the second to your music controls. A new Cydia release called Horseshoe keeps everything on a single page.

How To Transform iOS 10 Control Center Into A Single-Page Experience

Horseshoe tweak decreases the size of the music information page considerably, and then squeezes it below the toggle buttons. Then using a 3D Touch gesture on the artwork it will bring up your audio-out settings, which allows you to pick where your audio gets streamed to, such as a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. This works for those who have 3D Touch devices. On the top post you can see what a great job Horseshoe tweak does in transforming iOS 10 Control Center into a single-page experience.

It also keeps both the volume and brightness slider by providing a button to toggle between the two, the glyph on the left the slider with the circle behind it is the button to toggle between the two sliders, the glyph represents what slider you will switch to when you press it while the glyph on the right represents the current slider that is toggled. To access the rest of the Music Controls such as the previous song button and Airplay Audio Devices you 3D Touch on the album art work. Horseshoe also supports RTL languages in order to provide everyone from anywhere with a amazing experience while using the tweak. It is compatible with iPad and iPhone.

So if you're interested in trying Horseshoe tweak then it available from Cydia for $1.99. But as purchases for jailbreak tweaks are not enabled in Cydia for iOS 10 devices right now the developer behind Horseshoe has setup a special purchasing system. So to get the tweak, simply go to this link and follow the instructions.


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