Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Harbor Tweak Enables MacOS-Styled Dock On iOS 10 iPhone

If your device is jailbroken with Yalu jailbreak then you have a great ability to enable macOS-styled dock on your iOS 10 iPhone. The Home screen dock in iOS has remained the same past few years, and still doesn’t have the ability to contain more than 4 apps. Jailbreak tweak called Harbor brings a new look to the Home screen dock. And here is a short review about this Cydia release.

How To Enable MacOS-Styled Dock In iOS 10

Harbor has been available in Cydia for quite some time, but the latest version of this tweak now supports iOS 10. It enables a macOS-styled dock on iOS 10 iPhone, letting you add as many apps as you’d like to the dock as well as enjoy new animations.

So if you're jaibroken on iOS 10 then head Cydia’s BigBoss repo and grab Harbor tweak for $0.99. The tweak comes with a dedicated preferences pane in Settings where you can customize and configure the tweak the way you like. 

As you add more apps to the dock, the icons start to shrink in size to make place for the new app. While you can add as many apps as you want, there comes a point where the size of the icons are too tiny and uncomfortable to the eyes.

Apart from this, you can scroll through each app by placing your finger on the dock and sliding across the app icons. As you do so, you’ll notice an animation effect similar to the one seen in macOS. Additionally, as you are sliding your finger across the dock, you can release it on a particular app to launch it right away. Apps that are opened in the background will get a black state dot underneath them to indicate that they are active now while those with a pending notification will start to bounce.

Harbor is really great tweak that brings an entirely new look and feel to your Home screen dock enabling a macOS styled dock on jailbroken device.


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