Thursday, February 9, 2017

App Percent Tweak Shows A Percentage For App Downloads In iOS 10

If you're bored waiting for app to get to your device from App Store then new jailbreak tweak known as App Percent will show a percentage for app downloads in iOS 10. This new Cydia tweak by developer pxcex is not only allows to see the download percentage in real-time, but it lets you get notified when app downloads finish as well.

How To Add Download Percentages To Apps Installs With App Percent Tweak

So if you have many apps downloads on your jailbroken device then you might be interested in trying App Percent tweak, that is available as a free download package from Cydia. Note that the tweak works only on jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

The first feature of the tweak adds a numeric percentage to the downloads in progress. Of course you can just watch as a progress indicator fills in while the download completes without percentages, but this number thing that accompanies the progress indicator carries a positive feel. 

What is more App Percent has the other major feature, it notifies you once downloads are completed:

This feature can be really useful for many iPhone users who get stuck with long waits while downloading apps and just opening other apps on their phone and doing other things to pass the time. As the result, they just forget about their new app.

It is possible to configure both of App Percent’s major features from the new preferences pane that the tweak will add right after installation:

Here you will find individual toggle switches for showing a percentage for app downloads in iOS 10 and receiving a notification when an app download finishes. You can enable or disable these toggles on demand.

I found this App Percent tweak really useful as I have slow internet at home and when I'm trying to download apps or games from the App Store it can be really annoying for me just wait. But App Percent notifies me that I can start to install the game and play.


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