Friday, January 13, 2017

Power Tap Tweak Adds More Options To The Power Off Slider In iOS 10

Want to add more options to the power off slider in iOS 10 then you should check jailbreak tweak called Power Tap. This jailbreak tweak lets you perform a respring, reboot, power down, or boot into safe mode from the stock iOS 10 power down screen. Let's learn how this tweak works.

How To Add More Options To The Power Off Slider In iOS 10

The bid advantage of Power Tap tweak is that it reuses most of the assets already available on the power down screen. As the result the functionality that offers this jailbreak tweak that could be a stock iOS feature.
So to get the ability to add more options to the power off slider in iOS 10 you should first download Power Tap tweak from Cydia and install it on your device. Note Power Tap supports iOS 10 devices so if you used Jalu jailbreak to hack your device then you can try this tweak. Yes, there are other tweak alternatives with similar functionality on Cydia, but the big advantage is that this tweak is totally free and works on iOS 10.

After installation Power Tap tweak begins to work immediately. It adds three toggles to the Slide to Power Off bar such as Reboot, Respring and Safe Mode. To turn on these gestures, all you have to do is click on the circular toggle and it’ll switch from Slide for Safe Mode or Slide to Power Off or Slide to Respring. It is also possible to change the text in the Settings option for all of the above mentioned modes. 

So the next time hold down the iPhone’s sleep button to invoke the traditional power down screen. Once there, simply tap on the power down button to cycle through the new set of options. After turning on the action that you want to perform, slide the button from left to right to execute that action.

Note that Power Tap tweak works with jailbroken iOS 10 devices and while Luca Todesco jailbreak is not stable we'd better recommend to stay away from it as it can course unrespectable issues and not all Cydia tweak works fine on it.


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