Tuesday, January 31, 2017

iOS 10.3 Beta 1 VS iOS 10.2.1 Speed Test Comparison On Vidoes

Folks who are interested whether the next Apple's software release will improve performance on their devices then check iOS 10.3 beta 1 vs iOS 10.2.1 speed test review. Just a few days ago, Apple launched the first beta of iOS 10.3 that brought a bulk of new features including Find My AirPods, user security section in Settings, APFS, and more. An important change, though, seems to bring about a huge difference in performance is the new Apple File System.

Apple first debuted APFS with macOS Sierra last year but did not implement it in the final release of the OS. It was widely expected that Apple would make APFS its primary file system with the release of iOS 11 and the next version of macOS, but the company decided to pull the trigger earlier than usual for iOS devices. Apple clearly notes that the file system in iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices will automatically be switched to the APFS.

Among other enhancements, Apple File System will also bring some notable speed improvements. As the iOS 10.3 beta 1 vs iOS 10.2.1 speed test comparison video below between various iPhones running the above firmware show, the switch to the new file system leads to the likes of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 5s booting at least 3-7 seconds faster than iOS 10.2.1. This is likely due to the increase in read speeds caused by the switch to APFS. App loading times have also been reduced which is especially noticeable while loading heavy apps and games.

All iPhones running iOS 10.3 beta 1 start up considerably faster than when they were running iOS 10.2.1. To put that into numbers, you can expect faster start up times by around 3 seconds faster on the 6s running iOS 10.3 beta 1 and up to around 7 seconds on the iPhone 5. In between, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s display similar improvements.

 Apple is expected to release the final version of iOS 10.3 in March alongside the launch of new iPads.


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