Thursday, January 12, 2017

How To Remove Multiple Apps From iOS 10 iPhone At Once

Have you ever wanted to get the ability to remove multiple apps from iOS 10 iPhone at once? For those who own jailbroken iOS 10 device this functionality becomes available thanks to new jailbreak tweak called MultiActions. This Cydia release really saves you time as it allows you to quickly to choose the apps that you want to clear from your device and delete them all at once. 

Apart from this, it also offers two more feature for creating a Home screen folder out of multiple apps as well as moving out all the apps from a folder back to the Home screen. Let's find out how MultiActions tweak works.

How To Delete Multiple Apps From iPhone At Once In iOS 10

So in order to remove multiple apps from iOS 10 iPhone at once your device must be jailbroken. If you've already done it head to Cydia and download MultiActions tweak for $1.49. 

Once installed the tweak will add its preferences pane to Settings app where you’ll find the following settings available:
  • Enable or disable tweak on demand
  • Allow folder selection
  • Choose the gesture for opening folders while in jiggle mode
  • Set folder name manually
  • Show confirmation prompt for uninstall and move operations
  • Save
Using the MultiActions is very simple and straightforward. When you put your device into jiggle mode, you can choose multiple apps by tapping on their icon. A red checkmark appears on the apps you’ve selected.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a small tray that shows the number of apps you’ve selected as well as two buttons for deleting them all at once or creating a folder out of them. If you’re within a folder while in jiggle mode, a third button will appear for moving out all the apps from the folder back to the Home screen.

MultiActions tweak is real time-saver as it offers a quick and simple way to delete multiple apps from your jailbroken at once.


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