Thursday, January 5, 2017

How To Hide Or Show Home Screen Dock On Demand In iOS 9

Want to hide Home Screen dock on demand on iOS 9 iPhone, then you should try new jailbreak tweak. In macOS, you can configure your application dock to hide away and only appear when you need it, ShyDock jailbreak tweak brings this functionality over to your jailbroken iPhone. With this Cydia released installed you can hide or show your app dock on demand with a simple Activator gesture.

How To Hide Or Display Home Screen Dock On Demand In iOS 9

In order to hide Home Screen dock on demand on iOS 9 iPhone you should first download ShyDock tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repository absolutely for free. The tweak supports iOS 9 devices and requires Ryan Petrich’s Activator extension to be used.

Once ShyDock is installed on your jailbroken iPhone, it will add its preferences pane to Settings app. There are few options here you can configure:

You’ll see an animation duration text field, which allows you to modify how long the hide and show dock animation will be whenever you invoke the tweak. We’ve found that 0.25 seconds is a sweet spot, but if you like animations, you might opt for a slightly longer duration. It is up to you.

You’ll also find three Activator gesture selectors:
  • Toggle Action: this action both hides and shows the dock whenever you invoke it
  • Show Action: this action only shows the dock when it’s already hidden
  • Hide Action: this action only hides the dock when it’s already showing
Once you 're done with settings there’s no reason to respring your device as all changes would be done automatically.

Now go back to the Home screen and try to hide and then show the dock with Activator. You’ll see the following animation:

So if you really want to enjoy your wallpaper interacting with their Home screen icons in full then you should definitely try ShyDock tweak.


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