Monday, December 5, 2016

New Cydia Tweak Keeps A Subtle Hint For Passcode On iOS 9 Lock Screen

New jailbreak tweak called SmallHint keeps a subtle hint for passcode on iOS 9 Lock screen. If you frequently forget your passcode on iPhone or iPad you will find this tweak really useful as it allows you to put an inconspicuous hint on your Lock screen, just below the date, that can help jog your memory in the event that you forget your passcode.

How To Put An Inconspicuous Hint On Lock screen To Remember Passcode

Except simple 4 or 6-digit passcode, iOS allows you to have significantly longer passcodes or even alphanumeric passwords to unlock your iOS device. So sometimes it can be real challenge to remember it. So to simplify this task you need to head to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and download SmallHint tweak for free. Once it is installed on your jailbroken iOS 9 device, you can visit the SmallHint preferences pane in the Settings app and configure the tweak:

There you’ll find a place to enter the passcode hint you want, RGB sliders for changing the color of the text to anything you want it to be, and a toggle switch for hiding or showing calendar event titles. All your changes will be done automatically, so you don’t need to respring your device.

What is really strange is that that there’s no indicator for the RGB sliders that shows you what color you’re picking. So you have to lock and unlock your iPhone repeatedly while playing with the sliders until you see a color you want.

SmallHint has the potential to reduce the security of your device. So if you take care about your personal info then don’t put any obvious hints on your Lock screen. If you intend to use the tweak, use a hint that’s just subtle enough for only you to understand.

So if you have hard times to remember your passcode, SmallHint tweak will help you to remember it by keeping a subtle hint for passcode on iOS 9 Lock screen.


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