Monday, December 12, 2016

How To Save Battery On Jailbroken iOS 9 iPhone

The importance of problem how to save battery on iOS 9 iPhone touch every iDevice user especially those who is jailbroken and have bulk of tweaks installed on your device. This time a new Cydia release dubbed as NoATWAKEUP is here to help, as the developer says it can have a positive impact on your battery life. Jailbreaking always brings new functionality to your device but helps to save your battery as well.

How To Save Battery On iOS 9 iPhone With Jailbreak Tweak

According to the tweak’s Cydia description, this tweak is designed to prevent a launch a piece of software that runs in the background known as ATWAKEUP from functioning the moment you turn your device on. Having running this software in the background can be pointless and waste power depending on how you use your device. NoATWAKEUP disables ATWAKEUP executable and launch daemon. So if you experience serious performance issues with the ATWAKEUP daemon use this tweak solves these issues.
This tweak is available as a free download package from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. So you can grab and install it on any of iOS 8.0-9.3.3 jailbroken devices.

The tweak requires a reboot to fully initialize, and you won’t be prompted to reboot your device after installation, so you must do so manually. If you’re running the Pangu semi-untethered jailbreak, don’t forget to boot semi-untethered with the Pangu loader tool after the device powers back up.

According to developer more than 2,100 people have installed the tweak and no one has reported any problems connecting to their Bluetooth devices, so the potential to save power could be worth it if you’re trying to squeeze every last drop of juice out of your iPhone’s battery. Here is how to save battery on iOS 9 iPhone, but don't expect any miraculously unrealistic gains, as the tweak brings a minor modification.


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