Friday, December 30, 2016

Cuttlefish Tweak Tints 3D Touch Menu Backgrounds To Match The App Color

If your device is jailbroken you can tint 3D Touch menu backgrounds to match the app color with the new Cydia tweak called Cuttlefish. The tweak doesn’t tint the shortcut menu itself, but it touches the background blur. It spreads the color of the icon on the whole screen, which makes for a very pleasant view. This tweak brings aesthetic change and doesn't offer any functionality features.

How To Tint 3D Touch Menu Backgrounds To Match The App Color

Look at the top post picture. As you can see with Cuttlefish tweak using the 3D Touch on the App Store results a background blur that’s tinted blue. On the right side you can see the News app yields a pink tint.
Because the colors used are the dominant colors of the above mentioned app icons, the tinted blurred backgrounds really force the app icons stand out against any background that can be used.

Cuttlefish tweak really offers useful addition to 3D touch shortcuts that Apple can implement in a future software update to iOS. But can do it right now by downloading Cuttlefish tweak on your jailbroken iPhone from Cydia absolutely for free. The tweak supports iOS 9-iOS 10 versions, so even if your device is hacked with Luca Todesco’s beta jailbreak, you can also try this tweak as well.

Once installed the tweak starts to work immediately as there are no options to configure. In case you don't want to use tweak's effects, just uninstall it via Cydia.

If you want to tint 3D Touch menu backgrounds to match the app color but your jailbroken device doesn't support this feature then in such case you can use RevealMenu tweak. It simulates a 3D Touch feature on the Home screen. So you can easily colorize the background of shortcut menu blurs to match the app icon color even on the older devices.


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