Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cream 2 Tweak Enables Colorized Toggles On Control Center In iOS 10

If you have already jailbroken your device with Jalu tool then you can now enable colorized toggles on Control Center in iOS 10. The Yalu jailbreak launch for iOS 10 has brought back the motivation among Cydia developers to continue working on new apps and tweaks for the updated firmware.Developers have a lot of hard work to do to update their tweaks to make it compatible with iOS 10.

Jailbreak tweak known as Cream has been updated with support for iOS 10 and released in Cydia as a separate package under the label Cream 2. This tweak allows user to customize iOS Control Center by colorizing its toggles. Recently released jailbreak for iOS 10 devices supports limited models. But there are users who were brave enough and have already liberated their devices. 

So if your device is jailbroken here is how you can setup the Cream 2 tweak.

How To Bring Colorized Toggles To Control Center In iOS 10

Cream 2 tweak adds different shades of color to your Control Center toggles. By default, when you enable a specific toggle in Control Center, its background turns to white. With Cream 2, the background of the toggle changes to a color of your choice. On the other hand, toggles that are disabled will have the default light grey color.

With Cream installed you are free to choose any color that you want for each of the toggles. To grab this tweak add the following repo to Cydia: Once done go to the Search tab and search for ‘Cream 2’. Cream 2 will add its preferences pane to Settings where you can choose a custom color for the toggles that you wish to be colored when enabled.

Enabling colorized toggles on Control Center in iOS 10 Cream brings a new look and feel to this part of iOS, making your device unique.


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