Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How To Modify The Calculator App Color Scheme On iOS 9 iPhone

If you have jailbroken iPhone you can modify the Calculator app color scheme in iOS 9 using new Cydia release. The Calculator app on the iPhone has always had the same orange color scheme, but jailbreak tweak called ColorCalculator changes it make it possible to apply any color you’d like. Here is the short review on how ColorCalculator works.

How To Modify The Calculator App Color Scheme In iOS 9

With a number of pre-set colors to choose from, ColorCalculator is easy to use. So in order to get the ability to modify the Calculator app color scheme in iOS 9 first head to Cydia and download ColorCalculator tweak for free. 

Once the tweak is installed on your jailboken iOS 9 device, you can go straight to ColorCalculator preferences pane in Settings, where you can start playing around with its color configuration options. There are 9 different colors you can choose from.

When you’re done making your color selection, simply click on the blue Apply Changes button in the tweak's preferences pane. This will not respring your iPhone and apply the changes immediately.

What is great is that the tweak not only works in portrait mode, but landscape as well, as you can see from the screenshot above.

The only minus is that there isn’t a color picker interface built into the preferences pane like a lot of other color selection tweaks, so you are limited to the colors you can choose from.

For most, this isn’t a problem, as most of the major colors are listed, but others might not be able to get certain colors in between the ones available if they’re using this tweak in tandem with some sort of theme, which might throw things off in terms of aesthetics.

So if you frequently do some math on Calculator app and get bored with the default color ColorCalculator tweak is the good way to change the color scheme and make the app look different.


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