Thursday, November 24, 2016

How To Free Up GBs Of Free Space On iOS 10 iPhone

In this post we will show you how to free up GBs o free space on your iOS 10 iPhone even without jailbreak. Storage on iOS devices has long been a bit of an issue for some users. Those people often have smaller capacity devices such as those with 16GB or even 8GB storage, but the issue can befall those who carry 128GB devices too. As you know that i all depends on what you have installed and usage on your device as well.

But if you’re down to the last few hundred megabytes, you better have a plan for quickly freeing some space back up.

How To Free Up GBs Of Free Space On iOS 10.1.1 iPhone

Before iOS 10 release there was a nifty trick that could free up space with few easy steps, and it involved downloading a large movie. Many users who tried this on their iOS 9 devices claimed that it worked for them. As it turned out, iOS would recognize there was a shortage of free space and then attempt to rectify that by removing unused, old temporary and cache files from applications. Setting a movie to download, then jumping into settings from the low storage alert could often result in quite a lot of space being left over. But this game was over when Apple has released iOS 10 update.

Fortunately the scheme works just fine using the App Store and a large app of which there are plenty to choose from.

So to free up GBs o free space on iOS 10 iPhone you should download the largest app you can find in App Store and then watch within the Settings app (Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Available) as iOS 10 goes about removing files it doesn’t need in an attempt to free up space. Then, simply cancel the download once you can see that space has been created and the amount of space used by your apps has reduced.

As you see the trick is really simple, but it actually helps you to get free space on your device.


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