Monday, October 10, 2016

Top Reasons To Jailbreak iOS 10 iPhone

Although the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system came with bulk of new features including Lock screen widgets, Raise to Wake, iMessage effects, here are top reasons to jailbreak iOS 10 and get more functionality. With every new major software update for the operating system, iOS latform is getting more improved and feature-rich, but there are still many reasons to jailbreak iOS 10. And it this article we will mention all pros of jailbreaking iOS 10 update.

Top Reasons To Jailbreak iOS 10

Many users with older iPhone were disappointed to find out that such exlusive feature as the new ‘Raise to Wake’ in iOS 10 is limited to the iPhone 6s and above. That's why Cydia developers have lots of work to do to port new features to older devices. We have already seen tweaks on Cydia that bring 3D Touch functionality to older devices as well as Picture-in-Picture mode.

One of top reasons to jailbreak iOS 10 is adding new functionality to stock and third-party apps and getting rid of the restrictions imposed. In the case of Pokemon Go, you can install jailbreak tweaks that will let you move around the map using a joystick rather than walking physically.

The Cydia store is filled with many jailbreak tweaks to enhance your experience using stock and third-party apps ranging from tweaks for Instagram that lets you save media to your device to hacks Safari to allow you to improve full screen view.

If there’s one important feature that is missing in iOS 10, that would be the file manager. Considering the closed ecosystem of iOS, it’s not a surprise why Apple hasn’t introduce this feature yet. But jailbreaking iOS 10 can bring this feature to life.

For example iFile is a complete file manager tweak that lets user to view system files and folders as well as edit them right from your jailbroken iPhone. You can also save files that you download from the internet.

Another top reasons to jailbreak iOS 10 iPhone is theming. You can install themes to change the look and feel of your iPhone or you can use Winterboard that allows you to transform your iPhone into an Android phone. Jailbreak tweaks also let you theme charge indicator, change the carrier logo and enable instrument sounds when type and lots more.

When your iPhone falls into the thieves hands, there are chances that all your private info will be viewed without your straight permission. Thanks to jailbreak tweaks allows you to lock apps and folders on your device with Touch ID or passcode and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal data.

Currently there is no public jailbreak tool available for iOS 10 but we are all excited who will be the hero and manage to jailbreak and make it possible to implement the above functionalities.


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