Tuesday, September 6, 2016

There Is No Public iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Available For Download Yet

Those who are trying to find iOS 10 jailbreak tool to download should know that currently there is no public jailbreak available for this firmware version. Ahead of Apple's next major software release many iDevices users are interested whether it will be possible to jailbreak iOS 10 or if it would be better to stay on the latest iOS 9 version and wait for jailbreak solution to be launched. 

Just yesterday the Italian developer and security researcher Luca Todesco has published a YouTube video demonstrating a working jailbreak running on iOS 10 beta 8. This is not the first time when the hacker demonstrate the working jailbreak. Previously he managed to jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 shortly after Apple launched it to patch Pangu’s iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak.

But unfortunately Todesco wasn't going to release neither the previous jailbreak nor the one for iOS 10 beta 8. But we can say that hacker's video indicates that iOS 10 can still be jailbroken successfully despite Apple’s kernel patch protection (KPP), which has become a challenge for jailbreak teams in the most recent pre-release versions of iOS.

Todesco’s video shows Cydia running on a jailbroken 64-bit iPad running iOS 10 beta 8. This is the third iOS 10 jailbreak confirmation we’ve had since the first beta for the next big software update was released back in June.

It appears that the jailbreak yet again uses an app on the Home screen. The video kicks off with a one-tap jailbreak solution, after which the developer jumps right into Cydia to show that it works.
In conclusion we can say that Todesc's iOS 10 beta jailbreak release in video gives us a hope that Pangu team will do their best to make it possible to download iOS 10 jailbreak tool for iPhone after Apple will launch it to public.


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