Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Public iOS 10.0.2 Download Links For Compatible iDevices

If you are trying to find the public iOS 10.0.2 download links then you are in the right place. Apple has just pushed its first update for the iOS 10, the latest version of the mobile operating system. iOS 10.0.2 includes several bug fixes. According to release notes the recent update doesn't bring new features or improvements it aimed to fix the headphone bug, fix the photos app crashing issue, and fix the issue that stopped some app extensions from working. 

Apple promised to fix an iPhone 7 headphones bug with a software update and with iOS 10.0.2 release it makes good on that promise. Just after Apple's media event were the company presented its new smartphones there were reports about problems with iPhone 7’s new Lightning EarPods. The issue saw the dongle used to control volume stop working after a few minutes of audio.
 So if you have encountered with this issue or you simply want to prevent it from every happening, install iOS 10.0.2 on your iPhone 7. However iOS 10.0.2 update is recommended for all users who just upgraded to iOS 10. In case your device is jailbroken, you should obviously stay far away as there isn’t a jailbreak available just yet for iOS 10.

The update is available as a standard over-the-air (OTA) release, or through iTunes if you connect your iDevice directly. If you’re not getting iOS 10.0.2 via OTA mechanism or via iTunes, then you can also download it using the direct download links and update your device manually.

The fastest and the easiest way to update is to use OTA [ Over The Air ] mechanism.

Step 1.Wait for the update to be found

Step 2. Tap on Download and Install 

Step 3. Wait for your device to be updated to iOS 10.0.2

But if you have some troubles with OTA update you can use public iOS 10.0.2 download links for iPhone and all compatible devices below and install it:




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