Monday, September 12, 2016

New Cydia Release Improves Fullscreen Scrolling Experience In Safari In iOS 9

Do you want to improve fullscreen scrolling experience in Safari in iOS 9, then new Cydia release called SafariFullScreenScrolling will help you to do it. As our iPhones don’t have as large and immersive of a display as computer does, SafariFullScreenScrolling tweak cleans up the interface of Safari on your iPhone while you’re scrolling around to give you a much nicer full-screen effect.

iOS already tries to go full-screen when you’re browsing by shrinking down the size of the navigation bar and hiding the bottom bar entirely, but this tweak takes things a step further by completely hiding all of the bars as you scroll.

How To Improve Fullscreen Scrolling Experience In Safari In iOS 9

In order to improve fullscreen scrolling experience in Safari in iOS 9 on your jailbroken iPhone head to Cydia and download SafariFullScreenScrolling tweak absolutely for free. The tweak works with all iOS 9 devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. What is important there are no options to configure, so you can start using the tweak immediately after you install it.

On the animated GIF below you can see how the tweak works:

As you can see, the top bar completely disappears when you start scrolling. The tweak will even hide the iOS status bar. This gives you a truer full-screen web browsing experience that the stock iOS standards can’t touch.

When you scroll back up to the top of the web page, both the top navigation bar and bottom action button bar in Safari come back into view so you can interact with them if you needed to.

The bars are never too far out of reach to get back, and overall, this tweak dedicates more of the limited screen space you have to displaying more web content at a glance. 

SafariFullScreenScrolling tweak is a really great addition to Safari as it provides a rich fullscreen scrolling experience for every user who have jailbroken device. The tweak works so seamlessly that after sometime you will forget there is a tweak installed and will think of it as a stock feature.


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