Thursday, September 29, 2016

How To Theme Battery Indicator Without Winterboard In iOS 9

If your device is jailbroken you have a great chance to try to theme battery indicator without Winterboard in iOS 9 with new Cydia tweak. Known as Lithium Ion this jailbreak tweak provides you with nearly limitless customization of the battery indicator in your Status Bar on any of your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 devices.

How To Theme Battery Indicator Without Winterboard On iOS 9 iPhone

With Lithium Ion tweak, you can pick from new colors and themes for the indicator. Plenty of themes are included out of the box that you can pick from and then further customize with different colors depending on your current battery level, and you don’t even need Winterboard to do it.

What is more you can save multiple different profiles, which are essentially saved themes you’ve created. A theme consists of a specific color and theme combination of your choice. By having more than one profile, you can easily switch from one look to another on the fly.

So in order to theme battery indicator without Winterboard in iOS 9 on your jailbroken device head to Cydia and download Lithium Ion tweak absolutely for free. Once the tweak is installed you can go to Settings > Lithium Ion and set your configurations:

You can also hide or show the charging bolt icon in the Status Bar when the device is connected to power and enable or disable the charging color when connected to a power source, all of which can be configured to your liking.

After all changes are done there is no need to respring your device for them to take effect.
Lithium Ion is a great tweak that allows you to customize battery indicator in iOS 9 on jailbroken device. Paying nothing you have a chance to try out different themes on battery indicator.


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