Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How To Put Time Limits On Apps In iOS 9 With Jailbreak Tweak

A new Cydia release known as AppRestrict offers a way to stay more productive with your life by putting time limits on apps in iOS 9 on your iPhone to keep you from getting distracted. With AppRestrict tweak, you can set a pretty effective time lock on any of your Home screen apps. This can be useful if you’re always on your phone when you’re supposed to be getting work done and you want to kick the habit of being unproductive.

How To Put Time Limits On Apps In iOS 9 Using Jailbreak

So in order to put time limits on apps in iOS 9 on your jailbroken device head to Cydia and download AppRestrict tweak for just $0.99. The tweak works on all jailbroken iOS 9 devices.

After you install AppRestrict, you will find a new app on the Home screen, and if you launch it, you will see a list of all the apps on your phone and you can choose the ones you want to configure lockout time frames for. During a lockout time frame, you’ll be unable to launch the app until after the time frame expires.

It is also possible to turn the tweak on or off from the settings of the app in case you really might need to bypass the lock, such as an important text message you can’t miss. You can also hide or show alerts when apps are locked and choose a UI theme of your choice.

When you tap on an app, you will get an editing interface that allows you to select the lockout time frame you wish to be locked out of an app for:

You will also notice the times display in 24-hour format, but when you’re picking a time from the time rotary picker, they are in 12-hour format, so you don’t need to know 24-hoour time to use this tweak.

When you put the time limit on any app the next time will try to launch an app that is locked, you will get this alert instead of the app opening on our device as shown on the top post picture.


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