Monday, September 26, 2016

How To Make The Charge Screen Indicator Match Wallpaper In iOS 9

If you have jailbroken iOS device you have a great ability to make the charge screen indicator match wallpaper in iOS 9 with new jailbreak tweak. Called AdaptiveColorPower this new Cydia release uses the dominant color of your iPhone Lock screen’s wallpaper to pain the charging indicator that is displayed whenever you plug your jailbroken iOS 9 device into a power source. 

Here is the short review on how this tweak actually works.

How To Make The Charge Screen Indicator Match iPhone Wallpaper

The AdaptiveColorPower tweak basically clears the colored background that typically fills the battery icon in this display, and fill it with the new color scheme that comes from wallpaper has been set for your Lock screen.

Here are examples of how the tweak’s effects look on different wallpapers:

As you can from above pictures, the battery percentage is still shown just under the battery icon. The smaller colored battery indicator is also still displayed in the Status Bar. This is really handy as you’re really not missing out on any visual info.

So if you’re interested in trying the tweak head to Cydia and search for AdaptiveColorPower. Once you downloaded the tweak for free and installed it, head to AdaptiveColorPower's preferences pane to set your configurations. Here you can also enable or disable the tweak on demand. To save your changes you don't need to respring your device. Note that this tweak supports all jailbroken iOS 9 iPhones. If you are still on jailbreakable iOS 9 versions and haven't updated to iOS 10, you can easily use Pangu tool to liberate your iPhone.

AdaptiveColorPower is the small tweak that makes the charge screen indicator match wallpaper in iOS 9 that in its turn provides better Lock screen look on your jailbroken iPhone. As it is totally free you can try it right away.


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