Friday, September 30, 2016

How To Add Speed Dial Features To iOS 9.3.3 iPhone

Jailbreaking community always finds ways to improve user experience and this time you can get the ability to add speed dial features to iOS 9.3.3 iPhone with the new Cydia release. Called QuickDial Lite this new free jailbreak tweak is intended for iPhones and allows you to quickly dial up to 9 of your favorite phone numbers in fewer keystrokes. 

With this tweak, you can assign certain phone numbers to individual number keys on the keypad in the Phone app. Afterwards, you will be able to tap and hold on any of those assigned keys to automatically initiate a phone call to the number assigned to the key you held down. So if you are interested in trying this tweak read overview below.

How To Set Speed Dial Features In iOS 9

In order to add speed dial features to iOS 9.3.3 iPhone on your jailbroken device head to Cydia and download QuickDial Lite tweak absolutely for free. Once install, the tweak will add a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can assign your 9 favorite phone numbers by typing them in, as shown on the screenshot below.

You are obligated to fill all 9 phone number text fields. You can have anywhere from 1-9 numbers assigned and the tweak will still work as expected.

As the example, if we tap and hold on the #1 key in the Phone app’s keypad, QuickDial Lite is going to automatically begin calling the phone number 1-800-644-3825, as we have it assigned in the settings shown above.

Note that the tweak works for support hotlines, such as for AppleCare or for your car insurance. These numbers aren’t quite personal enough that everyone wants them in their Contacts app, but they are something lots of uses need in a jiffy. QuickDial Lite tweak offers you a way to store and use those numbers without cluttering your Contacts app especially when you are extremely busy.


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