Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Download iOS 10 Beta 4 Without Developer Account On iDevice

If you don't have developer account you can easily download iOS 10 beta 4 without UDID using direct links below. Apple has officially seeded the fourth beta release for the next major software update. This recent beta comes a week after the third beta was seeded and brought some new additions and tweaks to the iOS platform. iOS 10 beta 3, which was released on July 18th, included several new changes including a new Taptic Engine behavior when manually locking new iPhones, changes to Health and Activity apps, an App Support setting for Siri, and more.

As with every next  beta build release, Apple continuously adds, changes, tweaks and sometimes removes aspects of the software as it works on improving the entire experience. So here is what is new in iOS 10 beta 4.

Notification Center

Now, swiping to the right to access the notifications from the lock screen shows the date, quite prominently, at the very top.

Changes in the Music app

Within the Music app on iOS 10 beta 4, tapping a song name on the Now Playing screen takes you to the album. Tapping a song name on the Lock screen does nothing while tapping the song label inside a dedicated Now Playing card within Control Center simply takes you to the Music app.

Control Center

Control Center saw some major changes with iOS 10, and now Apple has a brand new splash screen that instructs users how to access things like Music Controls, notifications, and more, just by swiping.

New Emojis

The fourth beta gives you new gender options for existing characters: there’s now a female athlete and family options for single dads and single moms, to mention but a few. It also brings new emojis such as a rainbow flag, a water pistol and more. Like before, emojis appear three times bigger in Messages when sent alone.

Keyboard sounds

iOS 10’s fourth beta release adds new keyboard sounds to the mix. There are different sounds for Return, Shift, Delete, Space, and Number/Emoji Shift as well.

So if you are interested in trying all the above described features and improvements here are direct links for all compatible iDevices to download iOS 10 beta 4 without UDID:


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